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Join us in uncovering the corruption in Washington DC so we can fix the machine called the Federal Government. We aim to expose what has transformed our representative government into a country club for the elite.

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We're here to fix the machine. Radio is bigger than ever now with the ease and cost effectiveness of broadcasting a voice on the internet. The Buzz Radio Network's goal is to bring together the great minds of the new millennium. It is a new world with a need for a new way to bring information to individuals all around the United States and the world.

Our mission is make freedom loving voices heard.

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We're here to fix the machine

Cruz and Kasich Unite?

It appears that Cruz and Kasich are now aligning to try and put the nail in Donald Trump’s bid for the nomination prior to the GOP national convention. This will be sure to infuriate the Trump supporters as the narrative since the Colorado delegation voted for Cruz in full without a popular vote cast. Politico is reporting that Cruz&rsqu

Trump: Ushering in another W. Wilson?

In August 1912 Theodore Roosevelt gave a speech before the Convention of the National Progressive Party after the Republican National Convention picked Howard Taft as the Republican Presidential nominee. Roosevelt, who was running on a Progressive Nationalist Populism platform, was beating Taft significantly in the polls while fighting for the GOP nomination. As Roosevelt’s campaigning ef

ZOMBIE SPRING: The Days of Rage are here

In 1848 Karl Marx and Frederick Engels participated in what is recognized as the largest revolutionary movement in European history. They were known community agitators while crafting the Communist Manifesto for the Communist League in Brussels. The “Spring of Nations” revolution in Europe was in part an expression of economic hardship and the recognition of oppression by the mechan

Trump is not winning; he is whining

It is apparent that Donald Trump is a sore loser and is willing to do anything in order to discredit anyone that beats him at anything or challenges him on anything. We have seen on many occasions that Donald Trump is unwilling to engage in anything that presents and possibility that he is going to fail. While he claims to be a deal maker and a closer, he has failed miserably in closing in stat


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