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Join us in uncovering the corruption in Washington DC so we can fix the machine called the Federal Government. We aim to expose what has transformed our representative government into a country club for the elite.

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We're here to fix the machine. Radio is bigger than ever now with the ease and cost effectiveness of broadcasting a voice on the internet. The Buzz Radio Network's goal is to bring together the great minds of the new millennium. It is a new world with a need for a new way to bring information to individuals all around the United States and the world.

Our mission is make freedom loving voices heard.

Buzz Radio Network is always looking for voices and great talent to join the network. We are looking to entertain as well as inform people with integrity, accuracy, and a little laughter. If you are interested in join us, we will give you the platform.

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We're here to fix the machine

Thoughts on the RNC and Trump's nomination

Hello everyone! It has been a wonderful week with my family at the beach for a family reunion of sorts and a get away from the daily grind. Most of you know I am a political wonk and revel in philosophical discussion. This week I have abandoned that to focus on my family and some much needed therapeutic application programming. Yea… I know. I get pleasure from some nerdy stuff. Many of y

WARNING: Anonymous calls for Days of Rage

The hacktivist group called Anonymous is calling for “Day of Solidarity” protests in 37 cities in the wake of the shootings of black males witnessed in Louisiana and Minnesota. This is a threat that has to be taken seriously. The “Days of Rage” is synonymous with similar violent protests led by the leftist subsidiary group of the Students for Democratic Society (SDS) the

We are at war; Maybe not the one you think

I remember when I was younger that I was told that we should not discuss religion and politics. The reason was that openly passionate verbal political or religious opinions would separate me from my friends and loved ones. I took the advice and became a Secular Progressive because if I were not to discuss it, I really didn’t need to know about it right? So by not being engaged with princi

HILLARY: She is superior to you

FBI Director James Comey has recommended that Hillary Clinton NOT be charged for mishandling classified documents. Hillary Clinton, who bypassed government servers for storage of classified documents by storing classified documents on her own servers, seems to have avoided another corruption charge. All of this comes just hours before Barack Obama was to begin a public campaign with Hillary Cli


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