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Join us in uncovering the corruption in Washington DC so we can fix the machine called the Federal Government. We aim to expose what has transformed our representative government into a country club for the elite.

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We're here to fix the machine. Radio is bigger than ever now with the ease and cost effectiveness of broadcasting a voice on the internet. The Buzz Radio Network's goal is to bring together the great minds of the new millennium. It is a new world with a need for a new way to bring information to individuals all around the United States and the world.

Our mission is make freedom loving voices heard.

Buzz Radio Network is always looking for voices and great talent to join the network. We are looking to entertain as well as inform people with integrity, accuracy, and a little laughter. If you are interested in join us, we will give you the platform.

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We're here to fix the machine

Hyperbole or Critical Race Theory

I often spend the early morning hours or late evening hours perusing the “interwebs” for a wide range of articles to read that range from brilliant to unintelligent to out-right stupid. All of this reading serves many purposes from research form current long term or short term writing projects. Some are for topics to cover on the latest Battlefield Radio Live Podcast. Today I did th

The Liberal Progressive Paradox

A common theme during the Obama campaigns and his presidency has been change. In many cases it has not been just simple changes in governmental policy but rather fundamental cultural change. Obama even said prior to his 2008 election that “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”. It has been highlighted by many pundits since Obama’s

JOHNNY DEPP: Trump could be last President

Pirates of the Carribean superstar Johnny Depp is saying that if Donald Trump is elected that he would be the last president indicating that the US 'it just won't work after that'. He also said that there would be some excitement while also saying that he could not support Trump. Most politicos will shrug this off as simply another dumb hollywood opinion. This is interesting consdering tha

What is the Alt-Right?

For a philosophy and culture nerd, I have been fascinated by the rise of a movement being called the “Alt-Right”. It is a peculiar movement because it has been branded by its patrons as a new movement while it has all of the facets of something that has been seen before. It has been fashioned as a reaction to the political Progressive left’s creation of labels and barriers by


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