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No one has set eyes on this in 150 years, and it's coming this month

Look up at the sky on Jan. 31 and you may witness a sight unseen for 150 years. For the first time since 1866, a total lunar eclipse will occur with the blue moon, or second full moon of the month, which—like the o

American woman who allegedly called ex-Zimbabwe leader a 'sick man' freed ‘for now’

A 25-year-old American woman facing up to 20 years in a Zimbabwean prison for allegedly tweeting the country’s former dictator was "a sick man" was freed Thursday -- “for now.”   Ma

Asteroid-bound spacecraft snaps color pic of Earth and Moon

About halfway through its two-year trek to the asteroid Bennu, NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft took some stunning images of Earth and the moon as it whizzed past its home planet last fall.   OSIRIS-

Florida's capital sees first measurable snowfall in nearly 30 years

Even Florida couldn’t avoid the wrath of the “bomb cyclone.”   Residents in Tallahassee went outside Wednesday to see snow-covered grounds, a rare sight in the Sunshine State, which hasn&rsqu

Winter driving tips and precautions

Ice, powerful gusts and heavy snowfall on the roads can make for the opposite of a winter wonderland.   Dangerous conditions like these might leave you at risk of an accident as the days get colder. A M

'Bomb cyclone' winter storm hits US East Coast: What is it?

Bundle up! Brutal winter weather – with strong winds, snow and subzero temperatures – has hit much of the eastern U.S. and is expected to continue through the weekend.   The National Weather Servic