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California 'house of horrors': Footage shows kids leaving as neighbor recalls family's 'filthy' former home

Security camera footage showing the Turpin family children walking out of the Ca

Why flesh-eating bacteria can look like the flu

An Arizona woman who was initially diagnosed with the flu turned out to have a l

Ann Curry says 'meanness' at 'Today' show should not be tolerated

So is it NBC that's mean? Matt Lauer? Megyn Kelly? Or all of the above? &

Uganda president says 'I love Trump' despite alleged 's***hole' remark

KAMPALA, Uganda –  Uganda's president says he loves President Don

'Tourniquet Killer' Anthony Shore admits to 60 additional rapes before execution

The twisted “Tourniquet Killer,” Anthony Shore, reportedly bragged a

The Shrinks' War on Trump

The Stalin photo is public domain; see: Trump’s is an

Quick Observation on the Government Shutdown Vote

As of Sunday evening, the federal government has officially been "shut

This Day in History - January 22

January 22 1440 – Grand Prince of Russia, Ivan III (the Great), is born

This Day in History - January 21

January 21 1189 – Philip Augustus, Henry II of England and Frederick Ba

Is Pro-life Enough, America?

I joined (remotely) hundreds of thousands of Americans in the 2018 March for Lif

This Day in History - January 20

January 20 1265 – The first Parliament of England summoned other than b

What's Behind Puerto Rico's Slow Recovery from Hurricane Maria?

Spoiler alert—  the answer is largely Puerto Rico itself. Hurrican

Volunteerism + Seniors + Beautiful County = Heaven?

While the country shows signs of deterioration of morals, values, and is sufferi

This Day in History - January 19

January 19 379 – Theodosius becomes co-emperor of the East Roman Empire

This Day in History - January 18

January 18 532 – Between 30-40,000 die when the Nika uprising at Consta

Bitcoins and brothels: Cryptocurrency may be coming to the Bunny Ranch

The rise of bitcoin may have been one of the biggest stories of 2017, but i

Christian convert from Iran converting Muslims in Sweden

From escaping Iran through the mountains as a Muslim refugee, to surviving domes

Queen learns where crown jewels were hidden during WWII

A BBC documentary that aired over the weekend about Queen Elizabeth had all kind

Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake blasts Trump for attacks on press in fiery Senate floor speech

Outgoing Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake launched a fiery attack on President

Don't blame rats for Europe's Black Death

Those poor, misjudged rats? According to infectious disease experts in Norway an