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America off the Rails is hosted by Rick Robinson. America off the Rails focuses on the fact that we seem to be going off track and it gets worse every day. With a mixture of news, events, opinions, guests, and access to large political events; Rick makes his case daily on why it's time to get up, get off the couch, put down the remote, and get involved. Rick Robinson may look like a lovable teddy bear, but this straight-shooting, no-nonsense radio talk show host is determined to speak out for change. As the owner of a security and private investigation firm from 1995 to 2008, Rick witnessed the changes in society first hand, and not for the better. In fact, the drastic changes in economic climate in 2008 forced him to shut his business. Rick felt that America was going off the rails. He could no longer stand by and do nothing. People needed to be educated about the differences between the parties, but there was no avenue for him to express his views. After a radio industry friend practically laughed him out of his office, Rick started a Facebook page and began sparring with his friends. Rick began recording podcasts in 2010 and America Off the Rails was launched. Today, Rick is involved in a large number of online radio shows, determined to support all those who have a voice and want to be heard.

AoTR MakeAmericaSaneAgain
AOTR -- Why Faith Matters? Allison Mack, Sarah Sanders, and Iran

Enjoy a recent broadcast where Rick takes a deep look at why faith matters in America

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The leftist leaning elite MSM is collectively losing their mud over Trump scuttling the Iran Deal and 3 political prisoners being returned from NORKO.... But why?...

AOTR -- Ordy Leaves the Donkey Farm

Rick is joined by the co-host of FOOBAR One Nation Under Foo Ordy the Opulent Amish (Before you ask that's his Twitter moniker, not his actual name!) Ordy is a Minarchist ...

Best of AOTR A Tribute to Barbara Bush Americas Grandma

The weather won the battle in Rick's neck of the woods for this broadcast so here is a best of regarding the recent passing of Barbara Bush ...

AOTR -- Why Faith Matters? Allison Mack, Sarah Sanders, and Iran

Today we cover: Why is faith such a bad word now? What happened to Everyone's favorite nerd girl from Smallville. Sarah Sanders the lion of the press room and the truth about...

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