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We're here to fix the machine

We're here to fix the machine

Bonus Episode with Riaz Patel

Wonderful and upfront discussion on how to move forward in the divided USA we all so love. Riaz and AJ talk about many clickbate issues in a respectful and fun way.

Listen to "Bonus Episode-Riaz Patel Joins #CommonSenseRadio" on Spreaker.

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Susan's first broadcast with #commonSenseRadio

Susan Joins the program and will be the new co-host on #CommonSenseRadio...

Huge announcement and election eve coverage!!!

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Why I love Capitalism, oh and my visit to Disney Land!!!!

Check out my latest on the Lanterns Radio Network . Do me a favor and use the hashtag #CSRadio to share and I will be putting some polling up later in the week across all pla...

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