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The Fallout from Healthcare

AHCA did not have enough votes to pass House on Friday & was pulled from consideration. The fallout. Steve Bannon to create 'sh**list' of Republican House Members who opposed AHCA? Congressman Poe quits Freedom Caucus. Biden says he would've beaten Trump in 2016. Trump to work with Democrats on next try with healthcare. Schumer says Democrats will work with Trump if he abandons his right wing ideas. Schumer to filibuster Gorsuch. Will McConnell implement the 'nuclear option' and push Gorsuch through with a simple majority vote? Merrick Garland hurt their feelings. Combine that with a nominee who is an originalist & not a liberal activist, and you've got a filibuster led by obstructionist Chuck Schumer. Courts approve first 'genderless' person.

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