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We're Here to fix the machine

We're Here to fix the machine

We stand with Israel!

Today on The Blake Johnson Program:Riots erupt in the Middle East in reaction to Trump's decision. Is this the peaceful negotiations the "Palestinians" are talking about? The latest coverage of the U.S. Senate election in Alabama and lies coming from the Roy Moore accusers. Chelsea Handler, radical leftist comedian, insults White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and her appearance. Oh the tolerance from the left! The Blake Johnson Program airs every Monday evening at 9 PM Eastern on Listen to the show on demand through Spreaker, iTunes, iHeart radio, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and YouTube!

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The struggle is still real

On today's Blake Johnson Program: Kate Steinle's killer is acquitted of all charges, minus illegal possession of a firearm. What does this say about the justice system in t...

On Net Neutrality, Freedom, and Artificial Intelligence

Today on The Blake Johnson Program: What is net neutrality? Why is there an effort to undue it? Is that good or bad? And how does this tie into freedom? Blake delves into a...

Can we be adults for just a split second?

On this episode of The Blake Johnson Program: President Trump throws another fit on Twitter, More sexual assault allegations and misconduct, Report: President Obama i...

Attack of the bandwagon brigade!

Judge Roy Moore, senatorial candidate from Alabama, is being accused of sexual misconduct. Instead of picking sides, why not explore both sides? Blake does that here. We ha...

Making sense of the senseless

Today on The Blake Johnson Program The massacre in a Texas church over the weekend, motives, background history of the deceased shooter, and what we can all learn Millen...

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