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We're here to fix the machine

We're here to fix the machine

DOAE Romantic And Sensual Valentines Day Special

Love is in the air tonight as The Boys ask the single most important question of the year… “Will You Be Mine?”So slip into something more comfortable, grab a glass of wine and your favorite bunny slippers and get ready for a night of swooning! First up, The Boys introduce you to a veteran who is stepping up to help make sure that all fallen veterans are laid to rest with a proper burial. This is a organization everyone can get behind. Next, what is a “Gentleman”? Does that even exist any more? Can it ever come back as a social norm? The Boys got though all this and more. Finally, there is a study out from the UK that shows that up to 100 Germans a year are dying under… certain situations. “What is this situation?“ some people may ask. Good question, Some People. Well, tune in and find out it is that is plaguing these poor Germans and Why it is concerning to us here in America.

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