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We're here to fix the machine

We're here to fix the machine

2A Is Not About Guns

Tonight, The Boys Roll down the strip of the Las Vegas Shooting, the 2nd Amendment what it is and isn't, aaaaaannnnd some dumb criminal stories.

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Ignorance Is Not Bliss

This week: The Boys run the gambit on Communism 101 and propaganda, the West Point Commie Grad, and the Infiltration of ANTIFA by none other than Stephen Crowder....

Mr. Boombastic

This Week: The Boys dive into the explosive exchanges between the president and NK, Blowing up College Admissions and Diversity, and Celebrate the beginning of the end of the ...

The Burning Passions

This week the boys go LIVE on Facebook! Diving into DACA, North Korea and potential ways out for America, & Climate change as a crime?...

Methods of Madness

Last week the Boys were Hijacked this week it is ALL HANDS ABORT!!! What does a Methodist pastor, Planned parenthood, and a Goonie have in common? here is a hint: Not Jesus....

Oppression Vs Stupidity

The Boys dive into the reality of slavery in our world TODAY; the stupidity of those who are trying to destroy history, and the reason why they Dub Looney Tunes. #abolition...

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