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It's My Party I can Lie if I want to

Division in America on so many scales for party lines to individual citizens. Politicians abusing power from New Jersey to Chicago Georgia State Trooper faulty field testing Voter fraud investigations being suppressed. Venezuelan developments. Trump Jr v Russia Trump Sr. v Lohan

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Not about Equality

It never was about equality! It was always about control. No matter the issue; you can always see the hidden messages of control....

Justice Viking or Social Style

Talking about Philando Castille. Retaliation against Muslim extremism Retaliation against LGBTQ extremism. ...

Graduating Delinquents

Raising kids with low expectations in accountability! Raising kids to reject the idea of consequences. Raising kids who become adults who enable destructive behaviors! Rais...

No Paris Accord

Talking about Donald Trump pulling the United States out of the Paris Accords. Talking briefly about the London attacks ...

Profile of Racism

Continuing the subject of Racism with Alfonzo Rachel A Republicans supporting racism? Is Donald Trump sponsoring radical racists? Can American history be redefined once the...

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