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Freedom of the Press

7.0 Earthquake in Bali

Sex Slavery and it's rise in our culture

Does movies like SAW promote/normalize the i

  • dea of kidnapping and horror inflicted on its victims?

    Why are Americans and people around the world obsessed with such depravity?

    Does this explain their apathy to its rising occurrences?

    Can humanity rise out of the ashes of self-indulgence to be concerned about the welfare of their fellow humans?

    What sacrifices are we willing to make to see and end of this debauchery?

    Columbian Assassination Attempt

    President Trump Press is the enemy

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders attacked by Jim Acoster

    Can the Feminist movement remain silent to the media attacks and disrespect of Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

    Candace Owens

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    Regaining Control

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    Stabbing the Gun Control Deception

    FaceBook hearings. Syrian Chemical Attacks Does control actually work? What happens if you take away guns? Is the UK as safe as we have been told?...

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