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Snubs, Spending and Portraits! Oh my!

Snubbing of the President. What is this disturbing trend of athletes snubbing the President? Spending. Can Trump haters spend less time Can America survive the coming spending apocalypse? Portraits! Analyzing the President portrait and offering the versions that missed the cut! Please invite your friends to vote on them. Select one of the five (5) pics as your best choice for a replacement of the current portrait with the hashtag #DidntMakeTheCut. Window closes Saturday and results will be posted on Sunday.

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Twalk like Manchurian

Fiscal Conservatives spend trillions and signed approved by Trump who lambasted Obama for spending $10 trillion Maggie Anderson offering powerful words of hope in her Black Y...

It's not you, it's #MeToo

Broadcast of Battle4Freedom with Special Guest: Michelle Owens! We talk about the #MeToo movement and her role in attempting to help innocent victims. Questions asked:

Getting Out of Neutral

Notlanta - People stuck in Atlanta airport PUTIN THANKS TRUMP Paying tribute to a Vet. The new sports complex in Whitestown – Senator McCain and missing tax vote (relate ...

The Religion of Hate

Briefly talking about the lack of journalistic integrity from the mainstream media when it comes to President Donald Trump. Talk about Lindsay Vonn's spill this weekend. Tal...

GOP Tax Plan Passes, Now What?

GOP Tax Plan Passes, Now What? If you don't pay taxes, you won't get a tax cut! Making the best of the possible benefits of this tax plan. NFL has been reported to have use...

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