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Getting Out of Neutral

Notlanta - People stuck in Atlanta airport PUTIN THANKS TRUMP Paying tribute to a Vet. The new sports complex in Whitestown – Senator McCain and missing tax vote (relate Julia Carson) Talking about the Net Neutrality decision. From UFOs to sister solar systems Being Passive on Facebook could be dangerous for your health. ENDING RACISM Improving finances in a year

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The Religion of Hate

Briefly talking about the lack of journalistic integrity from the mainstream media when it comes to President Donald Trump. Talk about Lindsay Vonn's spill this weekend. Tal...

GOP Tax Plan Passes, Now What?

GOP Tax Plan Passes, Now What? If you don't pay taxes, you won't get a tax cut! Making the best of the possible benefits of this tax plan. NFL has been reported to have use...

Resultant Sexual Evolution

Judge Roy Moore Charlie Rose Sexual Deviancy in America Programmed by music, tv and movies to be infatuated about sex Partisanship driving indignation rather than unbiased...

What Difference Does It Make?

Lavar Ball and ungratefulness! As we seek to find perceived justice for every wrong doing, we must ask those five (5) words asked by Hillary Clinton rather than accept respon...

Lawlessness Incorporated

Praying for Iranians and Iraqis who suffered an earthquake today. Talking about poverty and the humanistic trends to end something based in the supernatural realm. Discussin...

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