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Singer / Songwriter John Preston - Combating Veteran Suicide

Our friend John Preston is set to become the voice of a new American generation. John takes on a lot of missions in his life. He is a full-time firefighter protecting his community. He is a Marine Corps veteran who protected our country. His latest mission has been using his awesome talent as a singer and songwriter to raise awareness of veterans suffering from PTSD and of families dealing with the suicide of a loved one lost. He has kicked ass in each mission. John, an artist signed with Concore Entertainment, is on the precipice of a mainstream music explosion after releasing a new song taking the Digital Radio Trends charts by storm. It's called Before I Am Gone, and it's powerful. As we release this episode "Before I Am Gone" keeps climbing the DRT 200, is a Top 20 Rock Song, and is also rated on the Indie Music and Adult Contemporary charts. John goes back Behind Enemy Lines to speak with Gene and Russell to talk about this deeply-personal song (you'll be floored when you hear the origin of its powerful lyrics) the pain of dealing with PTSD that nearly cost him his life and did take his brother from him and his family, and - most importantly - the hope that comes with reaching hundreds of thousands - and soon millions - around the world.

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