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The Scariest Immigration Fraud You Never Knew Existed

The headlines all scream about stopping illegal immigration, but there is a hole in the immigration wall that no one in DC is talking about, much less fixing: Immigration Marriage Fraud. It's pretty simple: Marry an American, claim to be a battered and abused spouse, and you get a Green Card. While it sounds like a pitch for a Hollywood script, this actually happened to Julie Poner. Poner, an American Citizen, testified before the US Senate that she was falsely accused of abuse so her husband could remain in the U.S. past his conditional permanent residency. Listen to her horrify story of how her illegal immigrant husband became abusive to their children and threatened to take them back to Europe with him, and how when she told by U.S. immigration officers, they responded by saying she could be charged with marriage fraud herself if she continued to sponsor her husband, and actually did so even after she withdrew the application. It's a must-listen show. Also, in light of the news that House Speaker Paul Ryan's announced retirement, we re-visit last week's interview with aspiring successor to his seat, Special Forces Green Beret Nick Polce.

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