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I am a voice of reason in a world of chaos.

The only son of a WWII veteran and a stay at home mom, my father taught me I could do anything I put my mind to. Married for 36 years with 4 children and 14 grandchildren, I have put that lesson to the test. I learned to fly on a grass strip in Kansas, my aviation career culminated as a Captain with United Airlines flying all over the nation and the world. Retired from commercial flying, my wife and I run a B&B out of a large log home we built ourselves. We also have a small ranch. My passion is our founding, the founders, their hope and intent … The Declaration that is our “why and the Constitution that is our “how”. As an author, writer and radio host I am a voice of reason in a world of chaos.

More allegations, Slavery, Tyranny, National Reciprocity, Russia and the election

More allegations of sexual misconduct and a look at my series on slavery. A government big enough to to anything FOR you is also big enough to do anything TO you. The House passes National Reciprocity and Trump reduces the size of two national parks.

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Atheists and prayer, sexual allegations, NK Missile program, the Bitcoin phenomenon and net neutrality

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Terror in a Texas Church, Taxes, Saudi Arabia and Look! There's a Squirrel!

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Second amendment crisis, the origins and reality of Liberty, and special guest Capt John Gries

We take a look at the continued calls for more infringements of gun rights, where does our liberty come from and how do we keep the continued creep of tyranny at bay.  Joining...

Russia Uranium deal blows up, Paddock, Taxes and Sexual Harassment and Tiffany in Michigan

FBI informant has gag order lifted, Paddock shooting raises more questions than answers, Republicans work on some sort of tax plan and spin it to put a smiley face on it, sexu...

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