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For over 50 years the progressive movement has worked to redefine our Constitution by erecting an imaginary wall of separation between Church & State through legislation and adjudication that encourages government dependence and the licensing of immorality that removes personal responsibility. "The Conservative Syndicate" seeks to tear down this wall through education, information and engagement with those who seek uncompromising truth regarding the religion of politics and the politics of religion. It is time to reclaim our standing as "One Nation Under God". Hosted by Jon Matthews, Citizen by Birth, Christian By Grace, Patriot By Choice and Conservative by all that is reasonable.

The Conservative Syndicate - 03/28/17

Ted Koppel is being touted by the leftist faction as a hero for telling Sean Hannity he along with other conservative pundits are "bad for America" because those who listen to such mediums have been falsely led to believe ideology is more important than facts. Audrey Russo from "REELTalk Radio" and and Don Dix from "The Jen and Don Show" joined us in a lengthy discussion as to what exactly Koppel is referring to. We looked briefly at the evolution of the media from their descent from government watch dogs that offered editorial apart from news to today's brand of fabricated stories and opinion that supports the leftist narrative that propagandizes under the protection of the 1st Amendment. We answered Koppel's charges that had Conservative talk not made it to the airways and cyberspace we might have already fulfilled Norman Thomas' 1948 prediction America will become a socialist nation under liberalism without knowing how it happened. Next, The crash and burn of RyanCare is being marked as the first leg of the stool Trump's failing agenda to "make America great again" due to the GOP's "growing pains." We expounded on why this bill failed and why it was pursued by the GOP in the first place.

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