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Put Down the Remote Get off the Couch and Find a Way to Get Involed

America off the Rails is hosted by Rick Robinson. America off the Rails focuses on the fact that we seem to be going off track and it gets worse every day. With a mixture of news, events, opinions, guests, and access to large political events; Rick makes his case daily on why it's time to get up, get off the couch, put down the remote, and get involved. Rick Robinson may look like a lovable teddy bear, but this straight-shooting, no-nonsense radio talk show host is determined to speak out for change. As the owner of a security and private investigation firm from 1995 to 2008, Rick witnessed the changes in society first hand, and not for the better. In fact, the drastic changes in economic climate in 2008 forced him to shut his business. Rick felt that America was going off the rails. He could no longer stand by and do nothing. People needed to be educated about the differences between the parties, but there was no avenue for him to express his views. After a radio industry friend practically laughed him out of his office, Rick started a Facebook page and began sparring with his friends. Rick began recording podcasts in 2010 and America Off the Rails was launched. Today, Rick is involved in a large number of online radio shows, determined to support all those who have a voice and want to be heard.

AoTR MakeAmericaSaneAgain
#Manchester and the Heartless Among Us

I dare anyone to say slowing immigration from ISIS torn countries is still a bad idea. We look at Manchester and how to stop America from being next

Listen to "#AoTR 05/22/17 #Manchester and the Heartless Among Us" on Spreaker.

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Progressivism is a Cancer

On this show, Rick focuses more on motivation. Why we fight what we hope to accomplish and starts to discuss ways we can keep America from becoming completely progressive....

Guest Jackson Richman

Rick and guest discuss hyper-partisanship and the hypocrisy of politics today along with the long overdue termination of FBI Director Comey ...

Dis Progressive Republicans Just Screw America?

So "Healthcare reform" narrowly passed the house. we talk the food the bad and the ugly. Also, we discuss an FBI interpreter jailed after fleeing the country to marry a member...

Best of AoTR

Rick has been under the weather and helping with a show launch on KLRN, hopefully he'll be back tomorrow ...

Guest Evan Sayet

Evan Sayet sat down with our very own Rick and Dan from KLRNRadio while they were at CPAC. He discussed his book available here:

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