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We're Here to fix the machine

We're Here to fix the machine

God will not be mocked.

The media has jumped the shark to crazy land with their coverage of the Covington High School students. They will take down anyone who dares support President Trump..... the government shutdown appears to have been halted for a bit, but will the President ultimately cave to the Democrats and get no border wall?.... New York passes a radical, anti-life abortion bill into law and cheers for the death of unborn babies. What else is new? How do we win this fight?

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We're not quite as divided as you might think

Today on The Blake Johnson Program, a new study reveals most Americans are sick and tired of political correctness, and it's not who you think. Eric Holder says "When they go ...


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Outlawing abortion is "un-Christian"?

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Believe in something, even if it's dumb.

Today on the Blake Johnson Program: Nike features Colin Kaepernick in a new ad, Serena Williams loses her temper in the U.S. World Cup, Alex Jones and Info Wars get banned ...

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