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We're here to fix the machine

We're here to fix the machine

Show Some Respect!

Dylan is Stevenless and has good friend of the show Watson Prunier from Battle4Freedom and they talk about the 16 fallen Marines, a jerk plays anti cop music during a police officers funeral and just for fun... Lena Dunham! Please Like, Follow and Share!

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Decisions, Decisions

The Boys dive into The little Kim That Could, the latest on N.Korea and how it may affect us in the US; #GardLife @fight4charlie (on Twitter) we talk about the latest news and...

"Animal Crackers in My Alphabet Soup"

Google gets befuddled by the EU, Interviews with the newest voices to the Lanterns Radio Network, & PeTA gets boned. #callitreason, #heresthebeef, #notkosher, #notquiteh...

Bigots, Traitors, & Trannies, OH MY!

The Boys go through, "I'm Glad He Got Shot." The treason that Hillary Clinton isn't to blame for, and what episode wouldn't be complete without a little tranny. . ....

"Because God Told Me So..."

This week, The Boys talk NC HB36 and the asininity of government overreach, even at the local level. Al Gore is apparently a modern day prophet... who knew? And so much more! ...

"Holy States Rights, Batman!!"

Dylan and Steven are back with a brand new episode of the DOAE Show. Today, they talk the new Conceal Carry law in NC; tackle the dilemma of several States signing onto the Pa...

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