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We're here to fix the machine

We're here to fix the machine

Together Again

Tonight, Steven is back and He’s PISSED!!! Kidding, back from helping his wife give birth and what does he find? the Republicans starting a new special counsel on FISA warrants and the FBI, A full out Interview with Mississippi Senate candidate Richard Boyanton, a new announcement from Planned Parenthood; let us not forget NO MORE BACON!?! As always, PLEASE LIKE, FOLLOW AND SHARE

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Can’t We Just Make Up Our Minds?

Tonight, Dylan is alone again, but still brings another epic show! First, The Boy Scouts give one more reason why they are failing. Seriously, they should just shut it all dow...

There Must Be Something In The Water

Tonight, Dylan is flying solo as Baby Steven is being born. With that good news, Dylan tries to not lose his mind over the media and progressives twisting of the President’s r...

How do you solve a problem like Al-Assad?

Tonight, The Boys hunker down in the fallout bunker in preparation with Nuclear war with Russia over Assad “allegedly” deciding to kill his own people with chlorine gas. Co...

Survey Says!

Tonight, The Boys stop to listen and applaud as a Greensboro native takes on his city Counsel on Gun Right in America. Then, we drive about 45 minutes east to Raleigh, where a...

Darkest Before the Dawn

Tonight, The boys talk Guns, laws, shooters, and reconciliation. We start of with the Youtube shooting that has plastered the news lately; what are the facts, we have what we ...

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