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"I'm Tired Of Saying Sorry"

This week, Dylan and Steven talk about Supreme Court Justices, Chris Pratt's Instagram Apology, and the New Orleans Statue Removal. Will Dylan be able to keep it together? Listen to find out! Twitter@DOAEshow

Listen to ""I'm Tired Of Saying Sorry"" on Spreaker.

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"Act Your Age, Not Your Shoe Size"

Dylan and Steven talk ANTIFA, The "Repeal and Replace" of Obamacare and so much more! Like, Follow and Share Twitter: @DOAE...

"You're Doing It Wrong"

The Defenders are back after a couple weeks break. Dylan is Is joined by Steven Airey and together they tackle the asininity that is Bill Nye "The Engineer Guy", Saudi Arabia ...

WAR... What Is It Good For?

Dylan is joined this week by Jonathan Dunne to discuss the situation in Syria. Was it legal? Was it Constitutional? Was it moral? So many questions, so little answers... ...

Time To Say Goodbye

Dylan And Jonathon talk race relations, #SnowflakeOfTheWeek and Don Rickles ...

"Is This Seat Taken?"

Dylan and Aaron discuss The Joker being arrested, (where was Batman during all this?), Seattle SUDDENLY cares about States Rights, (go figure), The ignorance of the millenials...

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