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The Belles of Liberty

Keep calm and ring on!

The show where the truth rings and the sassiness stings-- The Belles of Liberty is hosted by Sami, Jaina and Courtney; three Conservatively minded women living an average American life with big opinions. Discussing the latest news, politics and social stories and how it affects them living in America.

Tricks and Treats

Who's sick of talking politics? These girls! With Halloween right around the corner, the Belles have elected to talk scary stories, favorite scary shows and Halloween's past... Also, a very serious, very important review of 2017's latest Halloween candy flavors.

Listen to "Tricks and Treats" on Spreaker.

latest podcasts

The Lovesick Generation

This episode, the girls discuss Hollywood hypocrisy on sexual assault, the WHO deeming being single a disability; the 11th and 12th amendments are up on the Constitutorial and...

Here's Your Badge

Sami's back and the band is back together and just in time for some sassy discussion. This week the Belles discuss the Boy Scouts accepting girls into their programs, Californ...

So You're in the Minority

While Sami's away, Rocki and Jaina... Will probably get in trouble-- On the latest episode of The Belles of Liberty, Rocki and Jaina will talk some unsurprisingly shady stuff ...

Baby Onboard

This week, the Belles talk babies! Only it's not all bouncing baby joy, no, it's more on humanity doesn't deserve them-- The latest Constitutorial talks the 7th and 8th amend...

The Worst Generation Ever

The Belles are back after a week off thanks to Hurricane Irma mucking up their plans-- Getting right back into the swing of things, the Belles talk SJW madness, suggesting U.S...

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