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Show Description: Michael Murphy talks about the United Airlines incident with the doctor, as a retired captain with United he has a unique perspective. #aremarkablewoman, #fakenews, #ican'ttakeitanylonger, #thevoiceofreason, #united-airlines

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The only son of a WWII veteran and a stay at home mom, my father taught me I could do anything I put my mind to. Married for 36 years with 4 children and 14 grandchildren, I have put that lesson to the test. I learned to fly on a grass strip in Kansas, my aviation career culminated as a Captain with United Airlines flying all over the nation and the world. Retired from commercial flying, my wife and I run a B&B out of a large log home we built ourselves. We also have a small ranch. My passion is our founding, the founders, their hope and intent … The Declaration that is our “why and the Constitution that is our “how”. As an author, writer and radio host I am a voice of reason in a world of chaos.

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