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It's not you, it's #MeToo

Show Description: Broadcast of Battle4Freedom with Special Guest: Michelle Owens! We talk about the #MeToo movement and her role in attempting to help innocent victims. Questions asked:

  • Who are you?
  • Do you believe that the #MeToo movement got traction from organizations like Black Lives Matter to make Believe the Victim so successful?
  • Why is it so important to defend men in this male dominated society that runs most businesses and gets paid the most in wages? Doesn’t Believe the Victim make up for even the injustices in wage gap crimes?
  • Has anyone ever stated that your efforts against the #MeToo movement and Believe the Victim is undermining the revolution for women?
  • Has there been any legislation presented to make it pointedly clear that false accusations can result in federal criminal status regardless of the thrust of the Believe the Victim wave?
  • How do we create legislation that allows true victims to speak without fear of reprisal; so that true cases of Believe the Victim can be presented and won?
  • Is your effort to defend men something new or has it just been a rarity?
  • Do you believe that your efforts may be contributing to the pushback that we are now seeing from men who do not want to become victims of the #MeToo movement? (See New York Post article:
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Covering the main topics from a Biblical perspective!

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