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The Conservative Syndicate - 09/05/16

Show Description: We began with short commentary on the media's obsession with seeking Obama's opinion on everything, this time Colin Kaepernick's un-American conduct, noting Obama defends Kaepernick's "constitutional right" to dishonor America, but doesn't feel the same about the Confederate Flag. Next, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte disses Obama for sticking his nose in their business, referring to Obama as an "SOB". We then offered in-depth analysis on Trump's immigration speech last week. We noted the eerie resemblance to another speech given in 1995 by then President Bill Clinton in his SOTU message. In fact one might think Donald plagiarized Clinton's former platform. We also laid Trump's comments against those of the late Barbara Jordan, appointed by Bill Clinton to set about reforming immigration, pointing out the almost verbatim positions and solutions, thus supporting our contention immigration reform is a recycled issues used to advance agendas and pander to voting blocks.

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For over 50 years the progressive movement has worked to redefine our Constitution by erecting an imaginary wall of separation between Church & State through legislation and adjudication that encourages government dependence and the licensing of immorality that removes personal responsibility. "The Conservative Syndicate" seeks to tear down this wall through education, information and engagement with those who seek uncompromising truth regarding the religion of politics and the politics of religion. It is time to reclaim our standing as "One Nation Under God". Hosted by Jon Matthews, Citizen by Birth, Christian By Grace, Patriot By Choice and Conservative by all that is reasonable.

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