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Tech Q&A: Deleting data forever, fighting robocalls, finding secret cameras and more

Securing old devices   Q: I want to give away a few of my old devices. How do I make sure that the data is deleted and cannot be recovered? A Message from West Elm 5 Uses for Your Bar Cart

Wow! 1st interstellar asteroid is a spinning space cigar

When astronomers using the Pan-STARRS1 telescope in Hawaii spotted a mysterious object dashing through our solar system on Oct. 19, they immediately knew it was something special.  Traveling at high spe

Short on time? Here's 7 Thanksgiving dishes you should just buy

There are several schools of thought when it comes to the Thanksgiving meal. Some people insist on making absolutely everything from scratch, while others purchase ready-made meals entirely, or choose to g

History-making MTA worker dies giving birth to twins

The MTA’s first-ever woman elevator and escalator mechanic died last week while giving birth to twins, her grieving family and co-workers said Monday. Julia Roman, 43, had 15 years on the job, had worked through

Risk of breast cancer recurrence lasts for decades

Many women who follow initial breast cancer treatment with five years of hormone therapy to keep tumors at bay may still experience new malignancies up to two decades after their diagnosis, a study suggests.  

US general says nuclear launch order can be refused, sparking debate

Just a day after the U.S.’s top nuclear commander said he would resist President Trump’s order if he called for an “illegal” nuclear launch, a fiery debate emerged about the president&rs