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Catalan independence referendum is illegal, Spanish court rules

The gridlock between Catalonia and Spain’s central government continues as tense as ever after the country’s top court officially ruled the highly disputed independence referendum was illegal.   Sp

Google Photos will now recognize your pets

For many people, a pet or three form part of the family and you are forever taking photos of them. But frustratingly, finding those pet photos in the future can result in a search and a lot of scrolling. Google fixed tha

Network of churches raises more than $1M for nationwide disaster relief

More than 50 churches banded together to raise $1 million for victims of the hurricanes that ravaged Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, the survivors of the shooting in Las Vegas and those in the path of the destructive wil

'Trailer Park Boys' star John Dunsworth dead at 71

John Dunsworth has died at age 71.    The "Trailer Park Boys" star, who played Jim Lahey on the show and is also known for his work on the Syfy series "Haven," died afte

Drug czar pick Tom Marino withdraws after opioid report

President Trump’s pick for drug czar, Rep. Tom Marino, has withdrawn from consideration following allegations he helped water down legislation and weaken the Drug Enforcement Administration’s ability to go af

325-pound woman charged with killing girl by sitting on her

PENSACOLA, Fla. –  A 325-pound (150-kilogram) Florida woman is charged with killing her 9-year-old cousin by sitting on the child as punishment. Veronica Green Posey, 64, was arrested and charged with homic