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12 Years Later: Beyond Katrina, Harvey, and Now Irma

Hurricane Irma is pummeling through Cuba and heading to the Florida Keys. Today is Saturday.  It’s moving toward Florida and will hit sometime tomorrow. They believe it will be on the Southwest Coast, we will

A Patriot's Journey: Why I love Apple CIder Vinegar (part 1)

I pretty much have a relationship with my Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV. My blends are part of my mainstay. I started with apple scraps and water and a bit of honey. I'll put it like this for you, if a “Katri

A Patriot's Journey-- This Is National Buy American Week!

This week is Buy American Week! Gosh ..this excites me because I have a fun little hobby of finding all things “Made In America.” These products are worthy of being promoted. This week I ask that you go t

A Patriot's Journey: Is this a fair fight?

The difference between a civilized society and an uncivilized society is showing itself today. It’s actually very interesting! John McCain has brain cancer and the responses are so polarized. Our society is showing

A Patriot's Journey-- Is it Time To Circle The Wagons? Part 2

You might notice the sense of life pushing back about now if you have circled your wagons recently! Listen, taking charge of your life and changing boundaries won’t go over well with the powers that be in your

Is It Time To Circle The Wagons Of Your Life? Part One

Sometimes life will just sneak up and remind you, that YOU aren’t always in control of everything, and you might need to slow down, step away, disconnect, and "circle the wagons" of your life. For most