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No Victim? No Crime!

“No Victim, No Crime” is a concept that used to be known and practiced throughout our nation. It is a simple, yet highly moral way the law was constructed in our country. This idea supports the idea of l

Who Owns Your Life?

I thought it to be a simple question. Who owns your life? What I discovered was that many people have not really given the question any real thought. Most gave answers that they thought were correct but were easily

The Commerce Clause Discussed

The misuse of the “Commerce Clause” is one of the most frequent attacks on the Constitution of the United States of America that our federal government utilizes. It has been used to justify car regulations, g

Why Is the Constitution Ignored?

Why is it that so many Americans have turned their back on the Constitution of the United States?  The clear and simple meaning of the Constitution has been allowed to be perverted or simply ignored, and there is