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Constituting Liberty

We’ve got a kind of liberty – it’s prestigious. We’ve got a kind of freedom – it’s religious. So if you love it, defend it. If you don’t like it, amend it.

These are the lyrics that you hear in a poignant voice when you arrive at the Constituting America website. The words made me appreciate our nation in a whole new way. The United States will always be exceptional because it was founded on abundant Liberty. Colonists, who were Christians, Jews, Deists, or were immersed in Judeo-Christian ethics, never considered separating the implications of political freedoms from religious freedoms. Liberty is an all-or-nothing proposition! Those who have experienced true freedom in Christ have a hard time excepting much less from their government.

Let’s stop perceiving liberty in piecemeal opportunities. Our nation was founded on the principle of Liberty that our colonists understood as defined by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. When the Savior sets you free, you are free indeed. With this as the standard, the framers of the Constitution created a document designed to limit the power of government to infringe on our unalienable rights to live free.

Founded by actress and political activist Janine Turner and patriot Cathy Gillespie, Constituting America works diligently to encourage the next generation to take ownership of their Republic, so that they learn to keep the system of government designed to protect their unalienable rights. Students of all ages are rewarded for studying the Constitution and then creating a media vehicle to share that learning with others, from songs and videos to essays and artwork.

On February 1, 2017, I was surprised and incredibly honored to receive an email from Janine Turner and Cathy Gillespie, founders of Constituting America.

It was an announcement informing me that I had won their “Best Teacher Lesson Plan” contest for 2016 (scroll down this page for full details).

Constituting America will promote “Our Nation’s Foundations,” the lessons I developed to supplement Civics studies at the public intermediate school where I work as a Library Specialist.

Every student in my school visits the library every other week with his or her class. On the years that I present our Nation’s Foundations, they receive lessons that help them visualize how our country’s founders and framers of the Constitution built our nation on the firm foundations of Natural Law of Unalienable Rights, Rule of Just Laws, Pillars of Principles, and Separate but Equal Three Branches of Government. As the lesson grows, so does our “meme,” a graphic describing our Republic as a large federal building taking up much of the space on a free wall in the Library.

By the end of the school year, our meme looks like this:


Written by Oletta Branstiter

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