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Sunshine Is The Best Medicine

Sunshine Is The Best Medicine. 


They say some people bring sunshine to a room when they come in the room and others when they leave that room. Which one are you?

I had an unexpected answer to prayer a couple days ago. A friend of mine, whom I have known a very long time, had shared her distress regarding my political stance over the past election. She recently reached out to me after being “put in time out.” 

You see, she was upset that I would not vote for a woman, merely because she was a woman. She was aghast at my betrayal to the women of America.

Our conversations had lost its charm. I could be discussing an old piece of Samsonite luggage that I spotted at the antique mall and somehow her response would twist and turn to find her hatred about the outcome of the election in a nano-second. It was fascinating to watch— at first. The acid would be dripping from her teeth like the monster in the Alien movie.

Sadly, it seems that unkindness is dripping out of peoples’ mouths like acid too often these days. Those who spew it have been touched by it as well.  It’s not pleasant either way.

Fundamentally, my friend has a good soul and has a heart of gold. She is in my holistic community and does a lot for those around her.  She has had my six, and I hers. I was taken aback when this woman fell for the narrative.  Usually, that alone would be all I needed to “Run, Forrest Run,” but we had a history. Sadly, I did eventually block her on social media. No drama. Just sweet relief.

I knew what I had been taught to do. I went to my “war room,” and gave her and our friendship to God. I also began praying for her. I prayed for her needs to be met, for fear to leave her, and more specifically, that God would draw her close and heal her heart. Months later, I received a simple, yet heartfelt text message. It said. “I’m afraid I may have ‘alienated and hurt your feelings because of the differences in our political stances. At the end of the day, I love you more than politics. Big Love and Aloha, always, my sister.”

The healing began. Sometimes we must teach people how to treat us. She got it. I believed that she would find her way, and she did.

The election is over, but the drama is still resounding through many of our relationships, and I have had to cut my losses on some of them. I  pray for these people. There are some I know He’s handling, and there are some we are handling together. The time for mending fences has begun.

I now ask myself, do I bring “sunshine to the room when I leave it?”  Am I alienating anyone? As a Christian, I am going to keep my finger on the pulse and be aware of where I can sow love and the truth of my beliefs. I ask myself three things before giving my thoughts to others: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? That weeds out a lot!

When emotions are part of the mix, people usually speak from their wounds. By asking these questions, I stay on the straight and narrow, and more importantly, I do NOT become part of the problem.

It seems people are taking quite a bit of satisfaction in using acidic words, in order to win at any cost.  What is the price of that victory?  

Here is the bottom line— God is bigger than all this drama. The more I held on to the drama, the more exhausted I became. He allows me the opportunity to grow by teaching me to let go of that which does not support me and isn’t in my best interest. Giving it to Him destresses my life, and will do the same for yours. For that alone, I say Hallelujah!

I will, with great deliberation make sure that I bring “Son”shine to a room upon entering. How else can we change one heart and mind at a time? How else can we fix the machine?

Breathing deep and still Learning, J.D. Jackson

Written by Josie Jackson

Holistic Practitioner who loves the Constitution! I specialize in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release (trauma care & PTSD), Aromatherapy, Herbology & Food is Medicine! Tell me about your journey as a patriot! My show is about YOU!

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