Lanterns: A Sign of National Distress


A Sign of National Distress

There is a cancer growing in American news media. It is an opportunistic and a dangerous form of McCarthyism, and it has infiltrated the NY Times, Washington Post, and three major news networks. It is hysterical in its denunciation of the President with the promotion of fake news, pushing endless Russian-Trump conspiracy theories. This is the same news media that was absent in reporting the known crimes and massive destruction of evidence by Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton Loretta Lynch, and many others who sport a "D" in front of their names.  

It may be that low information reporting has a violent effect on low information voters, like James Hodgkinson, who are willing to believe the politically biased reporting that most mainstream media now practice openly, but still present to its readers as honest news. The American media has traded away its once proud commitment to balance and objectivity for the obvious promotion of a political view. 

One must concede, however, that the American news media is simply operating within the parameters and boundaries of our now secular nation.  After all, a secular nation has no foundation for the Truth or honest reporting.  How could it?   

There are no longer anchored foundations for morality or good behavior.   And that is exactly what reporters and editors are doing when they decide which stories to report or investigate based on their own feelings and political bias.   It is only natural, and yet, the abandonment of any 1st Amendment responsibility and accountability is substantiated by its poor credibility and low 6% approval rating by Americans. It shows their contempt for America, our founding principles, and most significantly, the TRUTH. 

There are so many reasons why all of this bodes ill for America. The absence of truthful, fair, and relevant reporting leaves too many citizens like Mr. Hodgkinson full of ideas and news which are simply not true. The inability of public schools to produce citizens with reasoning skills or a desire for the truth will lead to the collapse of these institutions. 

The political corruption and crimes of government leaders are going unpunished; there is zero accountability and as such, almost a complete collapse of Federal Government credibility collapse.  

Informed citizens will, at some point, simply refuse to support a government that continually compromises the 'rule of law' through its own corruption. The failure and transitioning of major institutions like the media and public education to the local level and individual control could hopefully mean a net improvement.  In the meantime, we can expect more pain and violence by those who believe that what the mainstream media and our deep state government are telling them is the truth.

Written by charles morasch

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Very well done, Charles. I especially feel this: "The inability of public schools to produce citizens with reasoning skills or a desire for the truth will lead to the collapse of these institutions. " Would love to read your thoughts on this more specifically in the future--namely, what pieces of our society are contributing to this epidemic, and what we can do to ensure the next generation at least has the opportunity to develop those critical thinking skills.

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