Lanterns: A Symbol of Hatred New York City Should Consider Removing


A Symbol of Hatred New York City Should Consider Removing

Apparently, in order to make everything right in their world, one of the current leftist fads is to attack Confederate monuments. How long ago was it that removing the Confederate Flag was the answer to all the world's ills? It was somewhat predictable that seemingly minutes after Donald Trump's question: "Is it George Washington next week and is it Thomas Jefferson the week after? You have to ask yourself where does it stop?” was declared ridiculous that calls were being made to remove those very monuments and recognition.

One of the strangest acts I saw was a gentleman taking a hammer to a monument at Garfield Park in Indianapolis that's not dedicated to some particular evil general or particular Civil War figure but is there to serve as a "a burial marker for more than 1,600 Confederate prisoners of war who died in Indiana and whose graves are unidentified." Video:

Not to be outdone, New York City's mayor, Bill de Blasio, called for a review of "all symbols of hate on city property." Tweeting:

After the violent events in Charlottesville, New York City will conduct a 90-day review of all symbols of hate on city property.

— Bill de Blasio (@NYCMayor) August 16, 2017

One symbol of hate that I would like to see reviewed is the ideology that:

  • Was responsible for millions upon millions of deaths in the twentieth century
  • Jailed and often killed political dissidents
  • Had concentration camps and reeducation camps
  • Took over all means of production
  • Confiscated land from its previous owner
  • Removed all all individual rights for the good of the collective

The list could go on and on, and, of course, I'm talking about communism.

Now consider Bill de Blasio's communist/socialist sympathies (compiled at - A guide to the Political Left)

  • Was an ardent supporter of Nicaragua's Marxist Sandinista government in the 1980s
  • Describes himself as an advocate of “democratic socialism”
  • Was executive director of the New York branch of the pro-socialist New Party

For a full reading of de Blasio's communist, leftist roots, I would suggest reading the entire article linked above that lays it out in full detail.

In addition, following Bill de Blasio's marriage in 1994 to former lesbian activist Chirlane McCray, they honeymooned in communist Havana, Cuba defying the travel ban that was in effect at that time.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has never stated that he regrets or now disagrees with his past actions and alliances.

For this reason, and while we're intent on removing symbols of hatred I would suggest that New York City remove this symbol from their Mayor's office this November.

Written by Mark Watkins

Conservatarian blogger living in the Upper Midwest. Strong believer in personal responsibility, smaller federal government and the Constitution in it's original meaning. Articles and thoughts can also be found at

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