Lanterns: Ann Curry says 'meanness' at 'Today' show should not be tolerated


Ann Curry says 'meanness' at 'Today' show should not be tolerated

by Fox News

So is it NBC that's mean? Matt Lauer? Megyn Kelly? Or all of the above?


A seemingly uncomfortable Ann Curry did her best to deflect questions regarding her former network when she joined ABC's "The View" as a guest co-host Tuesday morning. But the former "Today" host had to saysomething when pressed on Matt Lauer and the show's Megyn Kelly/Jane Fonda feud.

"The View's" Sunny Hostin asked Curry, "Given what has happened at NBC, given what has happened with Matt Lauer, Ann, how bad is this for NBC at this point? What Megyn [Kelly] did and just the culture there?"

A hesitant Curry, who was infamously pushed out of the "Today" show by the now-disgraced Lauer in 2012, told Hostin, "The decision is really what the viewers will accept or not accept.

"I think there is a feeling listening to some of this...a certain amount of meanness which we should not tolerate," she said. "We are better than this. We are made of good stuff we can reach out to each other."

Co-host Joy Behar interrupted with, "Well they were mean to you over at the 'Today' show."

Curry threw her hands up in the air saying she was trying to take the high road.

"Here we go! I mean, I'm trying to go here and they're going here," a frustrated Curry told Behar.

Hostin pushed Curry further to address her interview with "CBS This Morning" last week where the former NBC host said there was a culture of verbal harassment at the peacock network. But before Curry could respond, co-host Whoopi Goldberg cut to a break.

"The View" co-hosts wasted no time jumping right back into Curry's time at NBC when the morning show returned.

"During the break, we were talking about the sexual allegations against Matt Lauer," Behar explained to which Curry jokingly asked, "Who?"

The 61-year-old then said the focus should be on the victims not the alleged abusers.

"What we are now waking up to is that enough is enough! That we don't need to put up with this...what we really need to focus on is the victims."

While the audience applauded Curry's passionate response, Behar pressed her to address the allegations that Lauer had a button under his desk that allowed him to lock the door.

Curry said, "I don't know" before the subject was dropped.

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