Lanterns: Are You Ready for The Latest Scandal?


Are You Ready for The Latest Scandal?

A political scandal that rivals the magnitude of the revelation that in high school, Mitt Romney "might" have given a classmate an unwanted haircut has been uncovered.  As a result of intense, investigative journalism, the "media" has uncovered that Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, was the President of the "Fascism Forever Club," while in High School. This story was broken by the Daily Mail in an article titled "EXCLUSIVE: Trump's Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch founded and led club called 'Fascism Forever' against liberal faculty at his elite all-boys DC prep school."

This information was discovered in Justice Gorsuch's High School Yearbook:

"...The yearbook described the ‘Fascism Forever Club’ as an anti-faculty student group that battled against the 'liberal' views of the school administration."

"‘In political circles, our tireless President Gorsuch’s “Fascism Forever Club” happily jerked its knees against the increasingly “left-wing” tendencies of the faculty,’ said the yearbook."

"It is not the only example of Gorsuch’s early conservative political views. One yearbook photo showed the high school senior kicking back in a chair in a button-down shirt and tie while reading William F. Buckley’s 1959 book ‘Up from Liberalism', a key text of the conservative movement."

Many other "news" sites, such as U.S. News, AOL News, and the DailyKos were all too willing to run with this story, none bothering to do any fact-based journalism on their own.

As it turns out, this claim is not quite true, or more specifically, it falls under the term du jour as "fake news."  As noted at "No, Neil Gorsuch Didn't Have A 'Fascism Forever Club' In High School."

Justice Gorsuch was born in Denver, but moved to Washington D.C. during his teen years when his mother, Anne Gorsuch Burford, became Ronald Reagan's pick to head the EPA.  She served from May 1981 to March 1983.

Neil Gorsuch attended the very exclusive Georgetown Preparatory School located in Bethesda, Maryland. As one might expect from someone who's mother worked for Ronald Reagan, Justice Gorsuch was a somewhat nerdy conservative in high school. As such there never was a "Fascism Forever" club, it was totally made up among his circle of friends to poke fun at the more liberal students and faculty at Georgetown Preparatory.


All of this has led me to reminisce about my high school days many moons ago. Those that know me now might be surprised to learn that I too was once a nerdy conservative (being on both the math and chess teams might be a giveaway) high school student. As it turned out, one of my most rebellious acts was letting my hair grow long for my senior yearbook picture. I shudder to think what some hard hitting journalist might find if they were able to uncover the correspondence that I was involved with in those days.


In those days,  one of our favorite weekend pastimes was an intense competition of fighting it out with friends over the board game, Risk. I can only imagine the uproar now if someone was to use my goal of world domination against me.

Much of my high school years were marked by the Watergate scandal and Congressional hearings.  Shamefully, I recall standing behind Richard Nixon feeling like he was suffering a terrible wrong during those days. After studying the progressive movement of the twentieth century, I have come to realize that it can affect both parties and Richard Nixon completely deserved the fate that befell him.

We are only in the third week of the Donald Trump Administration, and I feel that the level of ridiculousness shown from the media will only get worse, before it gets better. 

May the good Lord help us all retain our sanity.

Written by Mark Watkins

Conservatarian blogger living in the Upper Midwest. Strong believer in personal responsibility, smaller federal government and the Constitution in it's original meaning. Articles and thoughts can also be found at

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