Lanterns: Breaking: Is The Blaze Unmanned?


Breaking: Is The Blaze Unmanned?

As the Media speculates the downfall of Glenn Beck’s Flagship Enterprise, The Blaze, a new revelation over the company may confirm their suspicions. Stewart Padveen, the last known CEO, is no longer associating with the company on any of his social media account biographies. Lanterns has tried to confirm his separation from the Internet media company, but as of yet, has had no response from Mr. Padveen or from The Blaze.

Last month Glenn Beck announced that some changes were to be made with the company, and many speculated that it would be with the museum he and David Barton had been discussing on Mr. Beck’s Five o’clock show on The Blaze. At the same time as these announcements, Beck was broadcasting his radio show from Los Angeles where Mr. Padveen is located. This has some cause to believe that Stewart Padveen has been separated from The Blaze for a month’s time, if not longer.

Coming on the heels of the Tomi Lahren controversy, major media outlets are quick to write off the groundbreaking media company as dead in the water, as even Lanterns sources have confirmed the report of tensions and reconstruction behind the scenes. The gossip and innuendo of other media outlets claiming the dissolution of The Blaze could all be for not, as this is not the first time The Blaze has made changes to personnel or their show line up.

In 2014, Glenn Beck took a sabbatical from the company due to his health, and a majority of the decision making for The Blaze programming was left to then CEO Betsy Morgan, who structured the company to follow and compete with main stream media outlets like Fox News and CNN. On Mr. Beck’s return, the company went through its first major overhaul as programming was dropped and employees let go.

Beck has stated numerous times that his vision for the company was based on principles and truth. It has been made clear that he would adhere to that vision, even if he stands alone. As in many great transformations, one must usually face some form of adversity, and the difficulties that The Blaze is now facing maybe the beginning of a metamorphosis. A media outlet based on principles, which seeks the truth, and is actively investing in solutions instead of division has always been Glenn Beck's goal, and if we take Glenn Beck at his word, we may be watching the rise of such a business.

As of today, Thursday, March 23, Glenn Beck has Andy Andrews, author and business coach, at the Blaze speaking on Beck’s 5 pm EST show. Mr. Beck has stated that he feels “lost” at this moment, and is feeling his way through “things.” 

The media will speculate this is for the business, and it is possible that it is, but as Mr. Andrews states, “if you are here, you have yet to accomplish your purpose… If you are here, there is still hope.”

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