Lanterns: Employees at some Tim Hortons reportedly see benefits cut over minimum wage hike


Employees at some Tim Hortons reportedly see benefits cut over minimum wage hike

by Fox News

Employees who work at Tim Hortons locations in Canada owned by the co-founders’ children will reportedly see their benefits reduced along with paid breaks over the country’s $2.40 increase to minimum wage.


The Toronto Star reported Wednesday that employees at some of the Canadian-based coffee chain’s stores received a letter about the policy changes.

The letter from Jeri Horton-Joyce and Ron Joyce Jr. reportedly informed the employees that they will need to pay for a portion of their dental and health benefits.


"These changes are due to the increase of wages to $14.00 minimum wage on January 1, 2018, then $15.00 per hour on January 1, 2019, as well as the lack of assistance and financial help from our Head Office and from the Government," the letter read.

The employee break will also reportedly no longer be compensated. The report said that workers who pull a nine-hour shift will be compensated for eight hours and 20 minutes.

CBC News reported that some customers are considering boycotting the chain over the decision.

"I feel that we are getting the raw end of the stick," one employee told CBC News.

Tim Hortons issued a statement to CBC News, stating, "Almost all of our restaurants in Canada are independently owned and operated by small business Owners who are responsible for handling all employment matters, including all policies for benefits and wages, for their restaurants."



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