Lanterns: Five Lies Promoted by Paul Ryan


Five Lies Promoted by Paul Ryan

1.  “This Bill repeals Obamacare.”

To begin with, the American Healthcare Act does not repeal every mandate of Obamacare. It selects a few things and leaves the rest in place. It is, in no stretch of the imagination, a complete repeal as Speaker Ryan and other Republicans promised. Rather, it is an amendment to Obamacare instead of the full repeal promised to the voters, who put the GOP in office. 

2.  “This American Health Care Bill contains 85% of what conservatives want.”

Second, the billcontains no provisions to lower the cost of health insurance and will instead raise cost even more in the next year (a predicted 25% raise). This will be an absolute disaster in the 2018 midterm elections, which may cause Republicans to lose the majority we have in the both House and Senate. Again, the moderate and Democrat establishment will gain control of Washington.

3.  “The third step in the bill will allow us to implement the purchase of insurance across State lines.”

The so-called third step, instead of requiring a simple 51% majority like the present vote, actually requires a 60% majority. This means Republicans will need 8 Democrats to vote for it. That will never happen. It is nothing more than a simple sham to fool the voters.

4.  “The Senate rules prevent us from putting Phase 2 and Phase 3 in this Bill. This is a half-truth.”

The Senate rules do have a provision that can allow the Democrats to filibuster if the bill is not written in a particular way. But Senator Ted Cruz has crafted a provision that will allow that and conservatives are hoping that President Trump will include this provision in order to fulfill his campaign promises. As of last night, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) of the Freedom Caucus believes Congress is coming close to an agreement on this.

5.  “There are but two choices: either accept the establishment created AHCA amendment of Obamacare or Obamacare.”

This is not a binary choice. There are three alternatives:

- Add the amendments recommended by the Freedom Caucus in this bill.

- Turn to the bill in 2015 that passed both the House and the Senate and reached Obama’s desk. It is already done and complete. All it needs is Trump’s signature.

- The third choice is to start all over again. This time it would be incumbent for the President’s legislative agenda to not allow the establishment in the House to fabricate the bill behind closed doors with only RINO politicians designing it. This time they can allow all the Representatives of our United States to voice the will of the people.

To President Trump: The RINO establishment that so vehemently sought to derail your Presidential bid is now bamboozling you and causing you to fail in your first legislative initiative by intentionally fabricating a Health Care Bill behind closed doors that prohibited the voices of the true conservatives in the House. That is not standing for America first. That is sliding into the swamp.

Even more importantly, this will cost the confidence of the American worker, especially when they end up paying even more for their insurance than Obamacare. That is the landmine set for you. You have chosen the wrong side of the terrain and will now become bogged in the swamp.

The Freedom Caucus is trying to keep you from stepping on a landmine that may cause your next term and cause us to lose the majority of the Congress. It is time you made an executive decision to stand against the RINO establishment that has never liked you and never will because you are a nationalist and not a globalist.

Watch Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) explain the issues with the current replacement bill:



Written by Henry Patino

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