Lanterns: It's Time For A Change


It's Time For A Change


It is really sad what is going on in this country.

We have kids in schools who are being made fun of and even bullied on a daily basis. Those kids may say it doesn't bother them but, deep down, it does. Some may even fear going to school because they don't want to be around their bully. Others may not be bullied, but they may simply be ignored.

Some kids are also on medications they should never have been on in the first place. Those meds aren't good for anyone at all. But, since big pharma pushes the medications that are usually toxic,  they just keep making more and more money on them.

The government and the schools rebuke God, or at least they try to. They continually try to take God out of everything from our money to the Ten Commandments monuments from courthouses.  

As sad as all of those things are, none of them are as sad as the false narrative that when some of those kids, unfortunately, lose control and take out their anger by using a gun, that it is the fault of the gun. It isn't.

I don’t know about you, but I have seen numerous videos of kids being bullied while others stand around and encourage it, instead of helping the kid getting bullied. I was bullied and made fun of in school. I never did, nor would shoot anyone because of it, but I wasn't bullied to that point. Some kids feel that is the best way to take care of it and of course it isn’t.

NOW, children who can't tell us the three branches of Government nor what the Constitution is and why we even have one in the first place, want to take OUR rights away. At the same time, they whine about having to use clear backpacks which they claim violates THEIR rights—  how ironic.

I was almost killed by a car a few years ago, but I am not demanding that anyone be able to drive. Was it the fault of the car that hit me and my son? No, it was the driver of that car.

Obesity kills almost three million people a year. Should we ban forks and knives? Of course not.

I have had ENOUGH— enough of letting the liberal media and politicians use kids as pawns to push their agendas; enough of complaining about your rights to privacy while demanding others’ rights be taken away.

Learn true history because the first thing a murderous dictator does to people is to disarm them. That way people have no recourse to a tyrannical government. The Second Amendment, as well as the Declaration of Independence, were set up particularly so the government could not disarm its citizens.

NEWS FLASH: The American citizens are the ones in charge, not the government shrills. Stop with the false narratives already. It really is making people look paranoid.

I believe many factors lead up to mass shootings. Warning signs are ignored. Pleas for help unanswered. The LAST thing that happens is the mass shooting. We need to stop the problem BEFORE it happens and answer calls for help. People must jump in and stop people from bullying others.

It’s important to model kindness and try to encourage those around us instead of tearing each other down.  Even just acknowledging others can make a big difference and can make someone’s day. 

Written by Rev BK

Father of Autistic Son, Author, Clergyman, Conservative.

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