Lanterns: Lesson Four: Food Storage


Lesson Four: Food Storage

With hurricane Harvey bearing down on Texas, it’s important to think about being prepared for a catastrophic of off grid event.

Shelter and water are crucial. We won’t live hours or days without them. However, food is very important. While we can live three weeks without food, it’s important to be prepared so we won’t have to.

What are the ways to actually get food for an off-grid situation? There are several different ways. The first and easiest is to store it up. Each week, buy a few extra cans of vegetables, meat, and other food items at the grocery store. It’s important to label each of the items with the proper date of when they were purchased so that way you know which items to use first in your pantry or your food storage.

Growing your own food is another good way that can help you through the hard times if an off-grid situation happens. If you are new to gardening and you decide to actually grow your own food, then I would go to a local greenhouse and purchase heirloom seeds. These are the best choice because, at the end of the year, you can collect the seeds, dry them, and replant them for next year so you don't have to keep buying new seed every year. This is especially important in an off grid situation because seeds won’t be readily available.

It’s important to experiment with your garden now to find out what you can grow the best. While broccoli may grow well, if your family won’t eat it, then there’s no sense in planting it. However, there may be some things that you plant in order to use for bartering.

If you are growing your own food, then learning to can it is another skill to master before there’s an emergency. It's actually very simple to can vegetables like green beans, tomatoes, beets, etc., if you have the proper equipment.

Hunting, trapping, and fishing are another way of getting food. Once again, however, you must have the proper equipment (including ammunition) before a catastrophic event occurs. It’s also important that you go hunting and learn how to actually do it before your life depends on it.

Rods and reels, traps, and guns should all be kept in good working order and condition. Make sure that you have plenty of hooks and sinkers and lots of extra line. And, practice fishing and cleaning them too.

Scavenging or stealing food should be a last resort because there is a good chance that this method will cost you your life. Empty houses, stores, buildings, etc., may yield a can of food here or there, and is a better idea than the alternative—starving to death. I would use this as more of a last resort than a primary source of looking for food. You have to remember, other desperate people will be out looking for food too, and some may kill in order to get that last can.

I would not ever suggest stealing food because you can run into the possibility of having a confrontation and can end up losing your life over it. In an off-grid situation, society is already going to be on the brink of breaking and you're already probably going to have Marauders stealing other resources. The last thing you need is to be part of that problem.

Instead, think about things or services you can barter for food. Also, think about people that you can join with in your area and discuss how you can work together before there is an emergency. You will have a better chance of surviving if you work together. Stealing from your neighbor will probably ensure you’ll find yourself in an early grave.

It is important to have at least some form of food storage, even if you have limited space in your house. Try to at least have 3 months worth of food. That should be more than enough food for the average off-grid situation that may happen. When I'm talking about the average off-grid situation, I'm talking about natural disasters that are more likely going to happen in your area.

Here are some YouTube videos that I found that really help out when it comes to actually getting food or growing food during an off-grid situation. 

Rotating Can Food Storage System FIFO

How to Start a Garden

How To: Home Food Preservation and Canning

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Please do your research.  Please be advised and take caution when you practice these food getting techniques. Remember you can't live longer than three weeks without food, so prepare beforehand so you won’t have to.

Curt Andrews

The Second Amendment Advocate and Avid Cyclist


Written by Curt Andrews

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