Lanterns: Let Them Eat Sand


Let Them Eat Sand

After reading about the movement by the Saudis of oil price manipulation between Asia and the US, I decided to put together this fictional story of the near future.

Little Saudi Saul was sitting in his Grandfather's lap in the year 2030. His grandfather was once the great king of Saudi Arabia, one of the largest oil producing countries in the world.

Little Saudi Saul asked his grandfather to tell him about when he was a King of the World.

The old man started his story..."Little One...there was once a time when the riches of every man and woman's dream was really ours.

We had male servants and female servants. We made servants of great countries like the USA.

The Saudi oil fields were part of a group of other countries called OPEC. Together, we controlled the financial world of not only the major markets, but also the little people that had to decide whether to buy gasoline for their cars, oil to heat their homes, or food for their family.

The control of our power had foreign politicians bowing to the royal family and overlooking the needs of their own citizens.

The little people elected a man for President by the name of Trump. He did not bow to royalty. He was like a golden light that shone like the sun. We were afraid of what was to come by the way the little people called his name. Even the people that lived in his land that controlled the information were afraid of him. The Trump was kind of like that guy Moses the Jewish people had thousands of years ago. He was a leader of greatness.

There came about a great movement by these little people to create alternate fuel options. The sun, the water, and the wind were..all natural sources that were existing and free. They were all endless as time itself. All more plentiful than the sand we sit on now in our tiny little tent.

Our great group the OPEC did whatever they could to punish the little people of the world. How dare they not use our oil? How dare they create an alternate system? We cut our production for months to show them they needed us. That they would pay what we decided. Some called us financial terrorists. We laughed in our private meetings eating our freshest fruits and meats.

It did not work. Little by little, we lost our money. We had millions of barrels sitting in our sand fields. The great pumping stations that worked 24 hours a day became silent. The royal families were distressed. They were forced to auction off their gold, beautiful carved wooden furniture, their silverware, their fancy cars, and anything of value. The Kings, Queens, Princesses, and Princes were so angry as their jewelry of fine stones, silver, and gold were taken away in plastic bags and buckets. Their mansions became overrun by the workers that were laid off from no work.

The great movement of change came as dry winds across the desert and left behind a barren field in which we now sit.

Come little one, let us go to the abandoned factory and I will show you an oil barrel."

Little Saudi Saul said, "Grandpa...I want ice-cream."


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Written by David abluepelican Lasaine

Imaginative, reflective, try to be humorous and attempt to be deep in my writing to invoke feelings with topics other than politics.

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