Lanterns: "Never Could Happen" Has Arrived.


"Never Could Happen" Has Arrived.

You always hear, “That could never happen in America!” or “Do you realize what the condition of the country would have to be for that to happen?” or even “We’re in much bigger trouble than we think if that ever happens.” Of course, I’m talking about Socialism, Communism, and Marxist-Progressivism ever being taken seriously in the United States of America. The Land of the Free. The Home of the Brave. The Shining City on a Hill. The Last Hope of Mankind. Well folks before the end draws near, let us reason together and ask yourself if you ever thought this day would come?

If we look at the momentum, popularity and visceral support for their candidates, you’d have to call it a draw between the Donald Trump supporters and the Bernie Sanders supporters. These people are as ravenous as a pit-bull/Nephilim hybrid, starved and beaten half to death. What’s amazing and yet unsurprising is the support for Bernie Sanders, the self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist, but the actual PURE COMMUNIST that he really is, promising mush filled heads a utopian life where work isn’t necessary, money will come from the rich and misery will be thrust upon everyone who currently even remotely looks like they’re living above average chasing the American Dream. Everyone knows that although Millennials are highly intelligent in many respected fields and endeavors, they’re dumb as a box of rocks in the areas of politics, history and governmental studies. We stand on the cusp of nominating a full fledged, full bore, unapologetic Communist as one of our major party nominees for the President of the United States of America. Progressive Republicans have tried to hide their socialist desires and big government solutions, Democrats can’t seem to answer Chris Matthews when he asks “What’s the difference between a Democrat and a Socialists?” They either can’t or don’t want to. Even Obama, when asked if he was a Socialist, shucked and jived around the answer. But not ole’ Bernie. Please go listen to the last 40 years of speeches this man has given and see where he’s vacationed and look at the groups he’s given money to and the politicians he’s supported and endorsed and the organizations with whom they’re associated.

But surely, Trump is a totally different phenomenon altogether, right? Not so fast. Trump the billionaire can’t possibly have anything politically similar to Sanders the anti-billionaire? Sanders and Trump are drawing supporters from the same pool of middle-income voters who either believe that greed is destroying the United States of America or who can’t get over how cool it would be to be rich. Bernie, the champion against the billionaire class and Trump the guy who can’t be bought. Either way, this pool of middle class voters finds little to no representation within the mainstream political system, thereby opting for the perceived outsider and system reformer. Trump and Sanders share a raw, angry tone that is un-politician-like. This authenticity is refreshing and comes across as “never before” or “not in my lifetime”. But this only scratches the surface of the battle to claim the orphaned vote of middle class America.

Trump and Sanders have surprisingly more overlap in policy and issue stances than the average person might expect:

•  Both oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

•  Both support maintaining or expanding current levels of Social Security benefits.

•  Both support some upper-income tax hikes.

•  Both lament the pernicious role of money in politics (Trump likes to falsely claim he’s funding his own campaign).

•  Both opposed the Iraq war (Trump “would have left Saddam Hussein in power”) and believe the money spent on it could have been put to better use domestically.

•  Both have been known to worry that increased immigration could depress working-class wages.

•  Both have supported single-payer health care.

•  Both have flip-flopped on gun control.

Keep in mind that this isn’t your typical Republican agreeing or finding common ground with a Democrat or a conservative crossing the isle to compromise with a liberal. This is the front runner of the Grand Ole’ Party having common political ground with a life long American Communist. PLEASE READ THAT LAST SENTENCE AGAIN. If this is significant, if this doesn’t matter to you, if this isn’t reason for pause, then America is truly gone. There is no way forward. We are only plunging deeper into the darkest recesses of human existence and carving out new future atrocities the like of which make history’s most gruesome pale in comparison.

Remember that if A=B and B=C, then A must =C. So if Trump agrees with Bernie and Bernie is a communist than Trump must be a __________________. I’ll let you fill in the blank.


Written by Trey Roberts

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