Lanterns: Our Federalist Republican Form of Government


Our Federalist Republican Form of Government

A member of the Lanterns of Liberty Facebook debate group posed a question pertaining to our 2 party system. I thought the opportunity was good to explain how the nature of our republic has spawned the 2 party system. 

Here was his question:

"Thoughts from you non-liberals, non progressives and non wanna be liberal/progressives? I am not a fan of any party, including libertarian, though my beliefs fit well with libertarians. I believe party should be non-existent or we should have 6+ minimum parties given equal "air time.". From communist to anarchist(is that possible?). Preference would be NO party association at all. Voters should have to know the person, not their bundled package. "

Here was my response to this fellow patriot:

"You are speaking of a parliamentary type of system similar to England's system. Our system gravitates towards the 2 party system because of the Constitution. Our Constitution is a charter of negative liberties so politics revolves around interpreting between (d)emocratic and (r)epublican forms of law. 

Democratic forms of law is majoritarian in nature while republican is federalist in nature. That is the dialectic that formed after the dialectic of federalist and anti-federalist dialectic disappeared. Much of the Liberitarian movement is the remnants of the Ant-Federalist faction of the old dialectic..

The New Deal and the Great Society legislation transformed our government into the current dialectic which is Statist in nature. The factions are more like the fascist / democratic-socialist dialectic of Europe. 

Much like Europe of the of the Early 20th Century, the factions are more and more at war with each other. While the battles in the early 20th century were more violent, the power struggle is still the same. With the centralization of power in DC, the political power structures have become more polarized and toxic with corruption. 

We are now witnessing the income gap reminiscent of the old crumbling imperial autocracy of pre-Soviet Russia, the inflation riddled war torn Weimar Germany, or the bloated mutlicultural 1920's Argentina. History should have told America what not to do... or mapped out for those that hate Americanism what to do to destroy the most prosperous country in modern world history.

The fact is, freedom has to be fought for. The desperate Great Depression victims of poor monetary policy and the prosperity bottle fed generation of the baby boomers has provided an environment for statist opportunists to try and continue failed attempts to engineer a Utopian autocratic state.This opportunity has been taken by the politicans and special interests that populate the power structure now called Republican and Democrat."

Written by Chris Pilie

Freedom Loving American

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