Lanterns: Principles Are Missing, but Not Missed by Anyone


Principles Are Missing, but Not Missed by Anyone

In this episode, Jonathon discusses the underlying principles behind free trade, the Filibuster Rule in the Senate, 9/11 being sacred and has a special Easter message.

· What is the G20?
· Free trade dropped
· Why free trade is about the individual
· Example of Jonathon’s recent purchases and effect of tariffs
· GOP going nuclear on Gorsuch confirmation
· What precedent does this set?
· What is a filibuster?
· 9/11 is sacred
· Responding to vile & sick Rosie O’Donnell
· ISU college assignment
· YES, there is a right answer
· Warning we should give kids & future generations
· Easter message – how have we grown as people?
· An opportunity for freedom

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Written by Jonathon Dunne

Christian Irish lifelong dream of becoming American. Writer, Podcast on Blaze Radio, Public Speaker

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