Lanterns: Salon Deletes Pro-Pedophile Articles Following Milo Yiannopoulos Controversy


Salon Deletes Pro-Pedophile Articles Following Milo Yiannopoulos Controversy

Following the accusations surrounding Milo Yiannopoulos for making controversial statements regarding pedophilia, Salon deleted their published articles sympathizing and defending pedophilia, insisting people shouldn’t judge them because they’re not monsters.

A couple of months ago, documentary filmmaker, Mike Cernovich, reported that Salon “literally has a category called ‘virtuous pedophiles’ on their site.” Todd Nickerson, the pedophile behind the Salon publications and the ‘virtuous pedophiles,’ attacked Breitbart for calling his actions unvirtuous. He called Breitbart and the political right the “vile right-wing hate machine.”

Ian Miles Cheong, a writer for Heat Street, noticed Salon deleted some of their articles attempting to normalize pedophilia so he tweeted pictures of Salon’s removal of them, along with a link to the archives.


Cheong notes that Vice, on the other hand, has not removed their articles defending pedophilia.


However, there are still a couple of articles on their site. A published story from 2012 headlined “Meet the pedophiles who mean well,” and an article published a year later headlined  “Our approach to pedophilia isn’t working,” remains on Salon.

It's likely Salon didn’t remove the articles because of Yiannopoulos, but people deserve to know why Salon decided to wait a year and a half to remove their articles defending pedophilia. Also, why are left leaning sites not being held accountable to the same standard as conservatives for these deplorable actions? Where is the moral outrage against the left for trying to normalize pedophilia?


Written by Christian Montoya

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