Lanterns: Snakes on a Plane: Report Claims Clinton, Lynch Struck Deal to Keep Hillary Out of Trouble


Snakes on a Plane: Report Claims Clinton, Lynch Struck Deal to Keep Hillary Out of Trouble

The clandestine meeting between former President, Bill Clinton, and former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch on Lynch’s private jet in Phoenix, continues to generate newsworthy buzz. According to a report from the New York Post, FBI agents believe a deal was reached on that plane to prevent the indictment of the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

On June 27, 2016 - one week before FBI Director James Comey announced the agency would not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information on multiple private servers - Clinton and Lynch met alone for 45 minutes aboard her plane. Dismissing the bad optics, the pair claimed it to be a friendly chat about grandchildren and golf; denying any discussion about the email investigation.

The New York Post report claims that their FBI sources are too fearful of retribution to go on the record, but, they firmly believe the dynamic duo reached a deal to keep Hillary free from prosecution. The agents investigating the Clinton email servers were also forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement which is highly unusual and suspect.

“This is very, very unusual. I’ve never signed one, never circulated one to others,” said one retired FBI chief.

Meanwhile, FBI agents expressed their “disappointment” over FBI Director James Comey’s decision not to recommend charges against Clinton, sources close to the matter told The Post.

Another source from the Justice Department was “furious” with Comey, saying he’s “managed to piss off right and left.”

Grandkids and golf or wheeling-and-dealing to spare Hillary Clinton from punishment?  Sound off in the comment section! 


Written by Traci Belmonte

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