Lanterns: Sports broadcaster Craig Sager left his children out of his will, son says


Sports broadcaster Craig Sager left his children out of his will, son says

by Fox News

Craig Sager's family drama is apparently just as colorful as the suits the famed sports broadcaster was famous for donning.


Sager, known for his NBA sidelining reporting on TNT, died in December 2016 at the age of 65 after a long battle with leukemia. But more than a year later, his son Craig Sager Jr., revealed he and his two siblings were “100% excluded” from their father’s will.

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“Nothing like getting served, pestered by Sherrifs & taken to court over a Will that myself and my sisters are not only 100% excluded from but do not even have any interest in contesting in the first place. Thanks Dad,” Sager Jr. tweeted Tuesday.


Sager’s daughter, Kacy Sager, also chimed in shortly after, saying she supported her brother for “finally coming clean about some of the dumbassery” they have been dealing with.

“Family is everything, and it's incredibly painful to know others are trying to erase you from it,” she tweeted. “Not gonna let it ruin our 2018 though :)”


The apparent feud stemmed from drama surrounding Sager’s second wife, Stacy Sager. 

Brenna Simon, Sager Jr.’s ex-girlfriend, tweeted there was tension between Stacy Sager and the late broadcaster’s three eldest children. Kacy Sager backed up Simon’s account.


“Once (still married) Craig met this POS [Stacy], she’s all that mattered..Krista [Sager II and Kacy Sager’s sister] is getting married and was left nothing,” Simon tweeted Tuesday afternoon, referring to Craig II and Kacy’s sister. “Also she was roughly my age when she shacked up with married Sr. I’m Jr’s ex so it’s not my place to comment but I hate that woman so much my head is about to explode.”

Sager Jr. tweeted Wednesday he never “contended anything to do with a will” because he expected the outcome.


“It is what it is. We put our heads down & moved the hell on. But 2018 & I’m called on vacation bc another Sheriff came by,” Sager II tweeted. “I’m not in it + I’m not fighting = Leave me alone!”

Kacy Sager tweeted “things were complicated” in the family but said she still loved her father despite the drama. She added she never intended to change anyone’s view of her father.

Sager had five children from two marriages. His eldest children had not previously revealed any of the family tension. Sager Jr. previously wrote an article for Sports Illustrated saying he was “proud of every second” he spent with his father. 

Katherine Lam is a breaking and trending news digital producer for Fox News. Follow her on Twitter at @bykatherinelam

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