Lanterns: 'Take Em Down' demands removal of dozens of iconic New Orleans names


'Take Em Down' demands removal of dozens of iconic New Orleans names is reporting that ‘Take Em Down’, a group focused on taking down “symbols of White Supremacy”, has set forth a new set of demands in the City of New Orleans. Since their victory in achieving the planned removal of 4 statues representing Confederate soldiers, they are continuing to push for the removal of dozens of iconic names firmly placed within the New Orleanean lexicon. 

Names like Lee Circle, General DeGaulle Drive, Claiborne Avenue, McDonogh 35 College Preparatory High School, Touro, and even Tulane University, have been chalked up as a “White Supremacist”. The group has also targetted the iconic Jackson Square. On their website, the group has stated:

If our New Orleans family is to have a chance at real racial reconciliation, we must remove all obvious symbols of white supremacy to show our collective will to address entrenched systemic oppression, which his reeking havoc in the minds, homes, and neighborhoods of our families city-wide. Now is our opportunity to be proactive. All over the USA, especially in the South, progressive Black people and their allies are leading struggles to rid the South of the symbols of treason and racist national oppression.  State governments in South Carolina and Alabama have removed the Rebel Flag. The Memphis city council has voted to remove the statue and the body of confederate General and founder of the KKK, Nathan Bedford Forrest.  The Georgia NAACP has called for the removal of the Stone Mountain memorial to the confederacy.

Our Mayor and city council have belatedly decided to join this progressive trend.  They have however called for a 60-day period of discussion. Our position is that the Mayor and City Council’s plan for removal is too limited and too slow. We have the following demands:

  1. That the city release a timeline for the immediate removal of the monuments;
  2. That the city expand the definition from 4 specific monuments to encompass all monuments to White Supremacy;
  3. That the city develop a community driven process for the removal of the monuments and the choosing of their replacements.

Call Mayor Landrieu at 658-4900 and City Council at 658-1000 today and join us in demanding the immediate removal of these abominable symbols.

Here are the list of items being targeted by the group. 

Street names
  • Palmer Avenue
  • Calhoun Street
  • General Taylor Street
  • Claiborne Avenue
  • Galvez Street
  • Jefferson Davis Parkway (Mayor Mitch Landrieu has also called for Jefferson Davis Parkway to be renamed after recently retired Xavier University president Norman Francis).
  • General Ogden Street
  • Ulloa Street 
  • Tulane Avenue 
  • Governor Nicholls Street
  • Poydras Street
  • Forshey Street
  • General Early Street
  • Robert E. Lee Boulevard
  • Beauregard Avenue
  • Walker Street
  • Mouton Street
  • Bragg Street 
  • Lane Street
  • Polk Avenue
  • Slidell Street
  • Lee Street 
  • Beauregard Drive 
  • General DeGaulle Drive

School names 

  • Tulane University 
  • Henry W. Allen Elementary 
  • McDonogh 35 College Preparatory High School 
  • KIPP McDonogh 15 School for the Creative Arts 
  • ReNEW McDonogh City Park Academy
  • Lusher Charter School 
  • Lusher Charter Elementary School

Hospital names

  • Touro Infirmary 
  • Tulane Medical Center  


  • P.G.T. Bureaugard, at the City Park entrance near Esplanade Avenue.
  • Jefferson Davis at Canal Street and Jefferson Davis Parkway.
  • Rev. Abram Joseph Ryan at Jefferson Davis Parkway and Banks Street. 
  • Confederate Brig. Gen. Albert Pike monument at Tulane Avenue and Jefferson Davis Parkway.
  • Henry Clay at Lafayette Square.
  • World War 1 Memorial arch at 3800 Burgundy Street (Take 'Em Down NOLA cites the segregation of names of black soldiers from the names of white soldiers as a reason for wanting this monument's removal).
  • Andrew Jackson monument in Jackson Square.
  • Justice Edward Douglass White in the 400 block of Royal Street.
  • Bienville monument at Conti and Decatur and North Peters streets.
  • Battle of Liberty Place monument near the foot of Iberville Street.
  • John McDonogh statue at Lafayette Square.
  • Robert E. Lee at Lee Circle.

Written by Chris Pilie

Freedom Loving American

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