Lanterns: The Case Against James Comey: The Swamp's Most Infamous Resident


The Case Against James Comey: The Swamp's Most Infamous Resident

The Mainstream Media narrative of the firing of dismissed FBI Director James Comey unfolded like a great Spy Thriller.  President Trump fired him because Comey was too close to the truth: Trump conspired with the evil Russian, Vladimir Putin, to overtake the United States government insert sinister, maniacal laugh here.

Despite Comey and multiple FBI, NSA, and other intelligence officials testifying under oath in Congress, that no evidence exists to support this fable, the media keeps relentlessly reporting this spin on the truth.  

Why would the media do such a thing?  

Because spy thrillers generate more advertising dollars for outlets like CNN than the boring truth; that’s why!  Read on for the whole truth the media hasn’t reported. 

Comey has been painted as a victim in the Mainstream Media fable— a principled, hard-working, honest man who the tough-talking, bully President publicly embarrassed.  Rest assured, James Comey is no shrinking violent or innocent victim.  In the President’s quest to “Drain the Swamp,” Comey might be the Swamp’s most infamous resident. 

The Pardon of Marc Rich

In the late 1990s, Comey was an assistant US attorney who gained power after becoming the lead investigator on the case of Bill Clinton’s pardon of criminal financier, Marc Rich.  Comey cleared Clinton of wrong-doing, but this was just the beginning of their alliance which brought them both much wealth and power.

Lockheed Martin

Immediately after his exoneration of Bill Clinton, Comey resigned from the Department of Justice.  He proceeded to take a position as the Head Counsel for the defense contractor, Lockheed Martin.  During his tenure at Lockheed Martin, the company became a huge contributor to the now-defunct Clinton Foundation, donating millions of dollars and they were named a “partner” of the foundation.  In return for the charitable donations, Lockheed became the recipient of seventeen massive contracts with Hillary Clinton’s State Department, all under the watchful eye of Mr. James Comey.

Lockheed Martin was also a member of the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce which paid Bill Clinton $250K for a speech in 2010.  After a profitable relationship with Hillary’s State Department, Comey stepped down from Lockheed and received a 6-million- dollar payout for his services. 

HSBC Holdings

In 2013, Comey became a board member, director, and a Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee member of England’s scandal-plagued bank, HSBC Holdings.  Investigations into HSBC revealed that they were laundering money for Mexican drug cartels, channeling money to Saudi banks who were financing terroristic activities, violating sanctions against Iran by moving money, and other criminal activities.  

Additionally, HSBC was donating huge amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation during this time (over $1 billion dollars) and even paid Bill Clinton $1.5 million in personal speaking fees.  The Obama Justice Department led by Attorney General, Eric Holder, let HSBC off with a meager $1.2 billion dollar fine paid by shareholders.  No one was criminally charged or fired.

Meet Peter Comey

President Barrack Obama appointed James Comey to the position of FBI Director in 2013.  In late 2015 and early 2016, information started to emerge painting the Clinton Foundation as a personal slush fund.  Even Chelsea Clinton’s wedding was paid for by donor money.  This was around the same time that Hillary Clinton was embarking on her presidential campaign. The FBI, reportedly, began an “investigation” into the foundation.  

The Clinton Foundation hired a “professional” accounting firm to do a review, file missing reports, and make recommendations to restore the “charity’s” legitimacy.  One of the partners in this accounting firm was the FBI Director’s brother, Peter Comey. DLA Piper, the accounting firm hired to do an “independent audit” of the Clinton Foundation led by Peter Comey, ranks #5 on a list of all-time Hillary Clinton career top contributors, just behind Goldman-Sachs.  

Financial records also show that James Comey is owed $700K for a mortgage loan he floated to this brother.  Was some of the money used to pay back this loan from the Clinton Foundation?  Comey was never questioned about this loan during his FBI confirmation hearings and to this day, the Clinton Foundation has never been charged with a crime.

 The Email Investigation

Hillary Clinton deliberately broke the law by having a private email server, mishandling classified information, and attempting to eliminate the evidence of her flagrant law violations by destroying devices with a hammer and bleaching her server with Bleachbit.  The investigation was mishandled in every aspect.  Comey provided immunity to all of Clinton’s lackeys, did not issue subpoenas or warrants, did not swear witnesses, did not use a Grand Jury, did not tape the interview with Hillary Clinton, did not intervene when AG Loretta Lynch met on an airplane tarmac with Bill Clinton in a clandestine encounter, and did not record witness interviews.  He did allow attorneys to represent multiple suspects contaminating testimony, and he also allowed the destruction of evidence.  This open-and-shut case was bungled by Comey, and Hillary Clinton walked away without any consequences.    

Trump/Comey Showdown

Thus far, the easily-verifiable evidence provided shows a clear link to James Comey and the Clintons, and why James Comey is the first of many Swamp Creatures that had to be dismissed.  

When Trump was sworn in as POTUS, Obama operatives were still in charge of the DOJ. Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates notified the White House that General Flynn had been in contact with Russia and was compromised.  She revealed there was an FBI Investigation into the ties to Russia.  

Shortly thereafter, Comey initiated the dinner with the new POTUS.  Comey briefed President Trump about Flynn and specified that Trump was not under investigation.  Flynn was fired shortly, thereafter.  The President wanted to fire Comey for gross incompetence but must wait until his DOJ was in place.  

Comey refused to publicly acknowledge that Trump was not under investigation, but he did state that he informed the Senate Intelligence Committee that others were under investigation. Trump contacted the Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Chuck Grassley, who confirmed that Comey told him personally that the president was not under investigation.

Trump has his new Attorney General and his deputy review Comey’s negligent and inept actions and put in writing why he should be fired and replaced.  Comey goes to California and it is now the perfect time to act on his termination.

Comey is blindsided by his termination and purposefully so; with Comey in California, the DOJ seizes all of his files, documents, and other information.  President Trump cryptically tweeted that Comey better have “tapes” of their conversation before he starts “leaking” to the press.  

The media has circulated “reports” that Comey wrote memos implicating that President Trump tried to influence the Flynn investigation.  The deadline given by Congress to produce these reports has come and gone and no memos have been turned over.  If Comey wrote such a memo and did not report this to the DOJ, he could be implicated in a cover-up crime.   James Comey has agreed to testify before Congress after the Memorial Day holiday.

Disgraced FBI-Director Comey:  Innocent victim or Swamp Creature?  You decide.




Written by Traci Belmonte

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