Lanterns: The Dialectic of Desire – Premise Part One: The War on Logic and Reality


The Dialectic of Desire – Premise Part One: The War on Logic and Reality

Marxism is a broken mirror, imaged by a broken few.

"Give me four years to teach the children, and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."
Vladimir Lenin

I came across this posting on the internet the other day… 

"Ever wonder why the average American suffers with below average comprehension skills and are easily lead by so-called "leaders" in Washington (Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party and Libertarians alike) who were to be ONLY Our "Representatives? Well here's how.

This started way back, but took form under the Reagan years and was discussed extensively by Rush Limbaugh. The whole conspiracy came to light by a Whistle Blower, as she was referred to, whose name is Charlotte Iserbyt.

I call her a Woman who cried in the Wilderness.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

Charlotte Iserbyt is to be greatly commended for having put together the most formidable and practical compilation of documentation describing the “deliberate dumbing down” of American children by their education system. Anyone interested in the truth will be shocked by the way American social engineers have systematically gone about destroying the intellect of millions of American children for the purpose of leading the American people into a socialist, world government controlled by behavioral and social scientists."

To which I respond:
I have put a considerable amount of time and thought into this seeming area of dystopian dysfunction, and I have come to the conclusion that they, the masterminds of the elitist, Far Left have rejected logic. The evidence for this lies, fully exposed in every policy, every misconstrued understanding and in every attempt they make to affect the nature of the three-dimensional space surrounding them --

That they have decided, on their own to transition away from logic and embrace the Hegelian Dialectic.

The dialectic is a process... a manner in which truth is refined, or progressed.  What it is, exactly is Saul Alinsky’s maxim, “the means to an end” -- something we have all heard at some point in our lives actualized into reality.

To begin, I’ll just state that the dialectic is useless without using logic to formulate its premise and structure its evolution. There is another well-known saying that can be applied here and it states; garbage in… garbage out. There is logic built into this simple truth to the extent of obviousness. If you put trash in a hole, you will wind up with a hole full of trash.

If, that is… you maintain the standard defined as “trash.”

"Logic is not independent of content." -- Max Horkheimer, Frankfurt School Marxist

What does that mean?
Basically, he is stating that logic exists only as a means to an end. What that is intended to guide us to is that logic is said to be present only when it validates the desired finality… a completely broken-mirrored, image of how the function of logic is viewed by Western Civilization. This misconstrued corruption is purposeful and the essence of The Marxist Dialectic and the foundation of “The Narrative.”

Negation of the Negation: The Denial of Denial

Neither this “reality” nor its forced nature bothers the Left in the slightest, due in part, to a level of denial that must be held as a prerequisite to dialectical thought. All it takes is a little furthering; the denial of that denial and normality is reached. Ignorance of one’s thinking process accounts for much of this denial. An ignorance of logic, voided from pure presumption, either willful and feigned, or true is groomed into being, in context, valid through ideologically stroking the young and developing egos of unaware classroom students. The self-verification of incorrect test answers, through the explanation of the pathway used to reach the wrong conclusion, would have to result in an increased development of this faculty.

A correct test score is not the goal here, rather the mentality to progress beyond to allowance of the obviously incorrect. This methodology is found in Common Core. When this ignorance is recognized it becomes willful and willful ignorance is the foundational support of an ideological greed which is geared directly into the fulfillment of the human ego and is the mechanism which invalidates a non-compliant reality.

This is the idea behind, “I want it and right or wrong, I’ll have it at any cost. It is my participation reward, and the truth be damned.”  

This denial borders on nihilism, and it has meshed with narcissism that comes from the over-inflated ego mentioned earlier and compounds into what I call De-nihilist Immaterialism… I’ll reject what I can and ignore what I cannot. De-nihilist Immaterialism is a play on the words Dialectical Materialism… a "manipulable physicality" which is the worldview in support of Marxist ideology and more closely, in my opinion, describes the essence and modus operandi contained here -- anything that cannot be wished away is deemed immaterial or out of context. I am free to manipulate in this place too, but I prefer my place, my natural place, Man’s place in the true creation of our common Universe.

The reality and presence of this mental defect can be detected in a Leftist with a couple of sentences worth of political dialogue- a dialogue that usually stops suddenly when the critical hypocrisy that underlies every aspect of Leftist thought and action is reached and exposed. This is the point where normal Americans become fascists and racists; the discourse ends, and the language of truck-driving and ex-sailors fill the air. This signals the end of the debate.

Critical Hypocrisy is where reality reclaims its hold and rejects Leftism in its entirety, as the realm of nonsense has now been obviously, breached.  Critical Hypocrisy is where the walls of modern-day liberalism crash down on its exploding head. This complete invalidation sources the filling of roadside or backwoods ditches with the bodies of millions upon millions of innocent human beings who would not submit and could not comply with this level of falsification. This revealed and internationally known history is revised through deconstruction and redefined through language manipulation. The shifting of the goalposts, boundaries, and anchors of standardization also result with this kind of intentionally, voided certainty. The revision of history is very much in play. Critical Hypocrisy is the dominate signature denoting the presence of Leftist influence.

Identity, Exclusion, and Contradiction: National Socialism was Socialism

When Critical Hypocrisy is encountered in the Leftist mind, it is mitigated by the ideological greed of an over-amped ego and wished away… denied into meaninglessness… Contradiction, one of logic’s three primary laws of revealing and standardizing truth would easily apply here, but it cannot, because it will not be allowed.  This kind of situation is the expressed purpose of logic… to identify, isolate, and properly resolve the contradictions inherent throughout the human condition’s interface with physical reality, and that of itself is a hypocrisy that refuses to be ignored and thus “critical.”

Profoundly stupid is another descriptor commonly used to standardize this type of situation.

Question -- For us simple folk in the gallery, what is dialectic or rather, what is the dialectic?


The dialectic is a truth-finding methodology that presupposes the existence of an antithesis, a denial of truth, known through the dialectical process as the thesis.  The antithesis is placed in opposition to reality (the thesis) and forged together through a mental gauntlet in which a "new" truth, called the synthesis emerges... It is Yin bound to Yang, which is how the Eastern or Oriental Dialectic is known in the West. (We will return to this point in part two.)


A simple example might be along the lines of something like this…

Thesis: The Sky is Blue
This is an obvious reality-  a commonly held truth that any three-year-old would immediately verify, but there is far more to this reality than this simple realization. In the course of expanding one’s understanding of the nature of one’s surroundings might inquire…

If the sky is blue.... Then why are the clouds white?

Followed, possibly with…
If the sky matrix was, in fact blue, then white clouds would be tinted blue... Waitaminnit…
This initiates the dialectic.

Antithesis: No, the sky is not blue
A once obvious attribute of reality is lessened through the natural denial instinct we call human doubt. This is an assumption worthy of further exploration derived using nothing but instinct and the tools of standardization and definition we know of as logic. This leads, eventually with the addition of more and furthered logical thinking, investigation, and experimentation to a synthesis... a new, higher, evolved understanding, and a new conclusion or finality.

Synthesis: The sky is colorless and only appears blue
This complexity is due, in part, to the human sight mechanism, the eyeball’s limitations and the manner in which our brains receive signals through the optic nerve in combination with the way light bends, or refracts through different substances. It would be noted that clear water produces this same effect as do clear, blue jay feathers and the clear irises of the eyes of blond, Swedish swimsuit models. It is said that in actuality, the color blue does not exist in nature... The realization of our dialectical modification of truth is…

– The sky still appears blue, but what we think of as blue, now has a refined understanding --

This is the dialectic simplified... Notice how the truth is lessened with this process. The "enhancements" to truth are resulted from a deconstructed and dialectically, diminished truth. The truth was that the sky is blue (as any three-year-old would state with his highest degree of certainty) and now that fact is not so apparent.  Despite the sky’s obvious blue color… somehow it also is not. The standards of definition “obvious” and “blue” are mitigated and could be removed altogether with furthered dialectical “enhancing” if one were so inclined. It is easy to see how this processing can be corrupted and abused.

This conundrum is fine because Logic was used to formulate the antithesis, and thus it violates no one’s sensibilities. Logic was used to bind this human effort to reality throughout the dialectical processing and the synthesis reached is validated as truth with this underlying logic. We now have a “clear blue sky” to marvel at. These “realities” are copacetic and do not contradict each other. The human brain has no trouble understanding this and is hardwired to accept this type of valid discrepancy.

The Marxist Dialectic is this process only with Desire in place of logic... Imagine the possibilities of unbridled megalomania given free will over cause and free reign over effect. We don’t have to imagine – Just find a one-dollar, history book in a junk store that ends with the Apollo moon landing and read the last half inch of it. The 20th Century was defined through this madness, but that realization is evaporating away, opening a new void for its reappearance, once again on the World's political stage.

Part Two -- Antithesis: Normalcy Coming Soon!

Written by John Frost

A fundamentally transformed Leftist apostate, politically conservative; an anarchist in the realm of grammar

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