Lanterns: The Dialectic of Desire: Play-dohs Republic - Don’t Trigger Me, Bro... A Conservative Dialectic


The Dialectic of Desire: Play-dohs Republic - Don’t Trigger Me, Bro... A Conservative Dialectic

"Overheard" on the internet... "Violent protest is why we are a country today."

Antithesis: Trigger Warning

The Boston Tea Party, which I assume you're referencing in your false, and deceptive dialectic, was one incident in response to a complete refusal to acknowledge and respect calls for some degree of sovereignty from ears an ocean away. The actions taken by the patriots in Boston, had, and hit two targets directly--  one shipment of tea and the King’s attention.  In voicing their concerns in this manner, they were then heard loud and clear. Their actions had meaning and purpose. Unlike today, notoriety (and a possibility of seeing oneself on Youtube) were not even considered. This quest for fame is what drives today's raging nobodies.

Our early, pre-revolutionary patriots put on new, never-before-seen uniforms, and stood face to face with those who wouldn’t tolerate our diverse political understanding. We took fire from the World’s most powerful military and advanced on them. We defeated them on the field of battle at great cost to life and limb.

That’s why we’re a country today

These disgruntled piss-ants breaking glass and secretly setting women's hair on fire are utter cowards with their scary-looking black masks and pullovers. Their efforts will be washed off the street with releases from water cannons and tear-gas grenades. They’re not standing up to or for anything. They flee at the first sign of confrontation. There is no comparison to be found, here.

The funny thing is they haven't got a clue why they're breaking stuff. These jackals break other people's belongings only if the owners are unable to force these spineless jellyfish into retreat with their mere presence.

Lighting unaware people on fire, breaking big windows, burning paper trash, and proudly wearing stupid hats while chanting meaningless, memes that do nothing but rhyme is not speaking truth to power. They burned a hardworking and successful  (something else they are completely and hopelessly unable to grasp), immigrant's limousine service to the ground, without reason or justification.  

These petulant, hate-filled, human hemorrhoids have no honor in what they do. They're  reacting with a lynch-mob-wannabee vibe, but they don't have a clue why they're angry or how to change anything. This inability to express the nature of what it is that's oppressing them is fundamentally transforming them into a suicidal pack of strutting, jack-booted fascist thugs who can't face their insignificance, let alone the reckoning they're bullying into existence.

Hope without ever-promised change progresses into futility and fury. The Progressive-Left’s elite has weaponized futility and made cannon fodder out of our future. The lily-livered intellectually impotent Left’s, upper crust are too skittish and uncertain to commit, too yellow-bellied to stand up and directly address whatever the target of this unprecedented wrath and wide open disrespect spewing forth and fouling the atmosphere is. They're far too narcissistic to dare allow self-contemplation and too nihilistic to give a rat's... patoot.

So they send their children out into the streets to do what they have failed over and over again to do themselves. Make something... anything, actually change. Hoping and dreaming society into something closer to what they hope and dream it may someday be is utter, ideological weakness at best. These are the elite, and they'll send our kids out to die in our streets, at the hands of our neighbors for what they refuse to perceive and balance with regard.

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Scenario: Ideologically driven, social progressives are frozen with fear and are unable to discern its foundation or focus.

It's failure.

They aren't afraid of the act of failing, they've perfected that. Their dialectic realm of thought is collapsing under the sheer weight of decades of colossal failure and the blunt disregard of our Universe for their demands for compliance. They are terrified of their inability to command and control anything higher than a miserable, unarmed culturally-depleted and psychologically distressed peasant.

What the Left faces is not just failure of policy-- reality stands in front of their progress and will not blink or budge. Theirs is a total systemic, ideological failure of worldview. Reality is beating them over the head with a two-by-four, repeatedly denying their illogical efforts and they realize that reality has beaten them into ridiculousness and idiocy at Clubber Lang levels and depth. The idea of admitting to their failure is what they shrink from, and reality is demanding just that.

The Left is predictably petrified.

They are so badly shaken that they're sacrificing everything- their political gains, respect, finances, everything to save face and honor. They are prepared to throw away freedom, as the spirit of this great nation is pawned off like an unearned watch, found alongside the road. They have sent their kids and ours into smoky streets that burn under their hate, projected into the young skulls of their unknowing charges. They do this with malice for decency while claiming moral certainty. Youthful ignorance and exuberance are coaxed into a smoldering, but surefire hatred for things beyond reach, separated from redress by thermodynamic walls in physical nature and stretches of elapsed time... but mainly through ideological greed and self-righteous contempt for lesser fools who somehow can't help but succeed.

What is the cruelest of their failures? Gaining a sense of self-import at another's expense... The dialectical lessening of humanity to the uncharted pride of Ideological Greed.

Get over yourselves

You can't always get what you want... Sit down and shut up. This is the 21st Century, and you live on American soil. You're lucky. Yes, you’ve beaten the odds of you being one of the infinitesimally small percentages of human beings who are:

1. Able to access American home turf which allows for your childish displays of political ignorance, indignation, resentment, self-loathing and boorish behavior and asks only for a minimal respect for that, other than you.

2. Graced with presence in the timeline of man's historical record - the 21st Century. You have no needs, no critical life-threatening shortages and no reason to exist. You roll around effortlessly wherever you wish to go by moving your right foot half an inch. You can have anything the world has to offer delivered to your door a day or two after you decide you want it and do it while simultaneously enjoying the creature comforts of indoor plumbing... 

3. Reminded that you will miss out on enduring prolonged levels of excruciating pain. Your pain filled life will last until you make up the half-hour's distance between you and modern medicine. Then that pain will slide right out of your body and you will be left to your ponder your Candy Land dream of utopia and some ice-cream if you'd like.

4. That will never be bored or stupid unless your stupidity excites and entertains your Darwin Award winning mind. You've got everything your mind can possibly wish for to occupy and educate it, and it's with you everywhere you go.....ummm.... It doubles as an alarm clock should the pre-noon period be something you might wish to explore. And just to completely fill out this bullet point, I'm sure somebody other than you probably paid for it. Hint: It's your phone...

And it's all, lost on you. 

You got all these positives working for you with astronomical odds against you being singled out through luck so stupid it has to hold some sort of molecular bond to your dumb.... ass-tronomical caboose. All the brave and honorable... virtuous men that fully engaged reality to improve their lot, getting past the tortures of reoccurring dental difficulties, each with pain so shockingly deep and thorough it cannot be withstood, but they did. Some with dangling anatomy, limbs lost to accidents from animal attacks to wars-  instant and life changing, if not horribly gruesome and fatal, to protect your right to bellyache. All stand in comparison to you and your ungrateful ilk.

Whirled Peas and Battleaxes.

History states in direct spite of your opinions on the nature of humanity and social structuring, that no, we can't all just get along. No, we will not coexist, and the very second I clear the area my family and friends will inhabit of wandering lions, half-fallen trees, and after planting some grass in a square- cornered with tall, tapering stones I either hammered into existence. No sooner than this, a crazed man from out of nowhere, with a rhinoceros-head for a hat, swings a giant battle a  and chops off my bush- coexistence is not on his agenda. 

Yes, this is leading up to your final stage-  your social faux-pas and you will follow your nature. Your path will boldly, progress right into the jaws of disgrace, once again.

Understand and Recognize

We are not peasants and the only reason we don't wear rhinoceros-head hats is because we understand the nature that accommodates stupid hats, stupid chants, stupid signs, galactically stupid stars and intellectuals - educated beyond understanding. We feel the pull of your desire and yes, we also want our needs mitigated, and so we go out and fulfill our best wishes and fondest hopes, trying a little harder, hopefully not getting in each other's way.

Something alien now occupies the high ground and the middle of the road. It believes them to be the same space. I predict an understanding will eventually be reached at street level with the high ground’s prodding of young people who are supposed to be enjoying innocence, personal growth, and awakening - occupying the best, most fun-filled, happy times of their life into proxying their dirty work. The actions of those in the ivory towers of failure is anti-human, pure evil and Marxist orthodoxy. They already know exactly how this outcome will concur with the last great-leap-forward. This instance is just one more Leftist attempt beyond mediocrity and manslaughter for humanity to gawk at in utter disbelief. A mindless race to nowhere, for no reason and with no winners.

Forward beyond failure

You just can't help yourselves... Oh, but you must. You need to be progressing away from Progressivism or you'll be left eating your lack of humility and wisdom without any power whatsoever to control your ego or its desire.

Warning: There are people in this world you might ought think twice about, before triggering... Maybe double ought.

A Conservative Dialectic is a response from a "conservative" point of view that is also a play on the word. This in the manner that cutting loose with both barrels might not seem "conservative" at all.

Written by John Frost

A fundamentally transformed Leftist apostate, politically conservative; an anarchist in the realm of grammar

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