Lanterns: The Easiest Decision I've Ever Made


The Easiest Decision I've Ever Made

Before learning of yesterday's news, I may very well have voted for Donald Trump in November. Like many others, I had felt quite conflicted about voting for the Republican candidate and was hoping that I would be able to come to a decision with a clean conscience come November 8. 

Thanks to Mister Trump, I no longer face such a difficult decision. In fact, Mr. Trump has made the decision quite easy. I no longer need to weigh my principles against whether I think Trump would be good or bad for the Republican party. I no longer need to fret about the fact that I'd be voting against everything I politically and ethically stood for in exchange for the chance of keeping a corrupt career politician out of the White House. Thanks to Mr. Trump, I don't even have to figure out whether there's a future for the conservative movement should Trump be elected. I don't have to do any of this. 

Mr. Trump has made the decision for us.

As of Saturday, vice presidential nominee Mike Pence had canceled his plans to attend Wisconsin campaign activities in Mr. Trump's place. RedState reports that Mike Pence's official schedule is also now empty on the Trump campaign website.


Earlier Saturday, Pence released a statement condemning the 2005 remarks

Trump, however, doesn't appear to be slowing down. Should he be forced out, this may be the perfect opportunity to create his much-rumored Trump TV.


Written by Taryn on the news

Taryn enjoys sharing news and perspectives she believes are under-reported. Taryn became politically aware following a few major life changes and spends most of her time in the Midwest.

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It is a shame that it has come down to this.

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