For 400 years since the landing at Plymouth, our nation, our laws, and government were subordinate to Judeo Christian principles, laws and the ten commandments.


The theocracy of Plymouth Plantation had failed, but the Judeo Christian principles that they
brought with them and carried forward into new settlements, new colonies, and eventually a new nation, were the foundation not only our culture and society, but were the literal foundation of all our laws, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We had taken the very best of English culture, her Judeo-Christian principles and reformation, and using it to forge a new nation. In many ways, America was the first truly Christian nation because it was the first to tolerate people other faiths or those of no faith at all.

The first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence describes our legal justification for our separation from England. The King had violated the only law superior to his with the phrase "the laws of nature, and the laws of nature's God”— in other words, the Bible, Jewish law, the 10 Commandments. While these facts are no longer taught in public schools, it cannot remove the truth of our nation's legal and spiritual foundations. As quickly as the ink was drying on the Declaration and Constitution, these ideas and beliefs were already under assault from utopian views in France. French revolutionaries admired the democratic aspects of the American revolution but rejected our moral and religious foundations. This helped to make the French Revolution as well as the atheistic revolutions of the 20th century which followed it very bloody affairs.


These ideas would evolve with those of Marx, Darwin, and Nietzsche and would
coalesce in the 19th century to a utopian vision of society anchored in materialistic and
statist dogma, a large centralized government controlling the lives and liberties of all citizens.
These socialistic ideas would become embodied in the tyrannical governments of the Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, where Darwin's view of “survival of the fittest” and accidental origins made it a moral simplicity for Adolph Hitler to implement his “final solution.”


Victor Frankl observed the contribution of these 19th century minds to the Nazi actions when he wrote the following:

“the gas chambers of Auschwitz were the ultimate consequence of the theory that man is nothing but the consequence of heredity and environment, or as the Nazi’s like to say ‘of blood and soil’ I am absolutely convinced that the gas chambers of Auschwitz and Treblinka were prepared not in some ministry or other in Berlin, but rather at the desks and lecture halls of nihilistic scientists and philosophers.”

In America, it has taken longer for statists to achieve power, but it has gained popularity by
masking it’s nihilistic foundations in the generosity of government programs. America's public schools cannot allow scientific debate on Darwin because real debate would expose the weakness of Darwin’s theory and the moral emptiness of leftist arguments and ideas. The absence of transition skeletons and the incredible complexity of DNA which shout design, engineering and extreme complexity are not possible by the chance and time explanation of Darwinian evolution.


For the same reasons, public schools refuse to teach the historical moral and spiritual foundations of our government and laws, because these ideas conflict with these same statist and materialistic views. So, where do these conflicting ideas and the censorship leave our brave new post modern United States in the 21st century? In one very confused and irrational state. Without fixed moral principles and instead the pluralistic notion that every idea is equal to every other idea, even reasoning becomes pointless. This explains, in part, the decline of our public schools.


With all ideas equally good or bad, thinking is not only unnecessary, but pointless. Without God, there is no Right or Wrong, no evil, only 'what is', and the actions of a Hitler, Stalin or Margaret Sanger must be viewed without any judgements.
It should come as no surprise that individuals at the highest levels
of government are able to violate laws and the Constitutional Rights of honest citizens, while destroying computers and the physical evidence of their crimes, and not face any consequences for their crimes. Fourty years ago, we would not tolerate a President who lied to the American people. Now we tolerate much more. They commit these crimes without
accountability or legal consequence, and void any sense of right, wrong or decent behavior.


It is why students in America's Universities are violating their own commitment to 'free speech' by denying it to anyone who doesn’t agree with them, demonstrating their own incoherent views, while engaging in violence that goes unreported by a news media which acts with complete indifference to their responsibility to the truth or the real world. Many of the students who rightly condemned the crony corruption between Wall Street and our federal government a few years ago are now violently protesting because Wall Street’s favored candidate did not win last years election, demonstrating a complete lack of logic or coherency in their thinking.

As America moves further away from it's moral and spiritual foundations, we can expect to see greater incoherence, violence and destruction. Our only hope, is that when the smoke and ruin of this liberal materialistic experiment has runs it's course, that Americans may reconsider the beliefs and ideas of America's founders.

Written by charles morasch

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