Lanterns: The Left Blames Trump For A 16 Year Old Policy Passed By Democrats


The Left Blames Trump For A 16 Year Old Policy Passed By Democrats

PUBLIC LAW 107–296—NOV. 25, 2002 116 STAT. 2135

6 USC 101 note. 

[H.R. 5005] Homeland Security Act of 2002. (PDF)

First off lets make something absolutely clear. The left calling this law a Trump policy is an outright lie that needs to be exposed. This was a Bush 43 policy PASSED with a majority of votes from both republicans and democrats in 2002. It all originated though in 1997 with a bill during Bill Clinton’s administration but the 2002 is an amended version. 

President Trump can hardly be blamed for a policy that was set 16 years ago. But why would we be surprised by this? The left believes that people alive today are somehow responsible for what people did 300 years ago, why not 16?

So this is the law that everyone is arguing about. Does it or does it not say that children must be separated from their parents if those parents are incarcerated.

(By the way, every single AMERICAN CITIZEN who is arrested in this country is FORCIBLY SEPERATED FROM THEIR CHILDREN.) Just sayin.

The short answer, yes it does by virtue of the definitions of what constitutes an unaccompanied minor under this law. Since we can not put the children into an adult detention center (which would be child endangerment under the law) with their parents who are there because they broke U.S. immigration law (a felony) knowing full well that they would be arrested and incarcerated if they do so. They also know that their children will be taken away because they have been warned. Yet they still bring them.

Contrary to what the average white middle aged bleeding heart (racist) liberal believes, these people are not stupid just because they are Latin immigrants and they have international groups including attorneys coaching them on how to weaponized children as a means to circumvent our legal system.

Nice huh? Is there ANYTHING that the democrats WILL NOT use children for?

Yeah... I went there!

Make no mistake about this, these people know exactly what they are doing by bringing these children to our borders because traitors in our own government are aiding them in their invasion.

These people made a CHOICE to put their children in danger by dragging them across the country during the commission of a felony crime. It was the parents decisions that put their children into the traumatic experience of being separated by force  because its very simple.

If they were not bringing their children to the border they would not be getting separated now would they?

And then of course we have the double standard from the left because I can promise you one thing for certain, and any one with a lick of common sense knows I am right here. 

If a family of American citizens put there children through this, the United States would remove those children from them PERMENANTLY for reckless child endangerment, believe it!

Definitions Found on Page 71 (116 STAT. 2205) of the PDF above.



So the law is clear. If the parents come here illegally they will be arrested and put in jail until their hearing, which means that their actions have designated their children as unaccompanied minors who must UNDER THE LAW be placed in a detention center or other accommodation for their own safety.

One of the things I find most interesting about this whole issue is the people who are barking the loudest about the cruelty of the law, all voted for it.

List of congressional votes by state --- Passed > 90 yea - 9 nay - 1 no vote

Sponsor: Representative Richard K. Armey, In Congress 1985 - 2003 - Republican

I have just marked out some of the loudest protestors to this bill that they themselves passed. Some of the other loudest critics were not voting senators at the time.






So why the outrage over President Trump enforcing a law that they themselves voted for?

Why are they NOW concerned over the welfare of these children when they obviously considered this law to be just and appropriate in 2002 when they stamped a yea on it to pass it?

What changed?

Well for one, I remember it well. It was 2002, George W Bush was our 43rd president and people on both sides of the isle wanted some tough immigration reform.

The Democrats pandered to their base by doing little more with their vote than virtue signaling to keep their congressional chair.

But that still does not explain the open (venomous) hostility we are seeing today towards President Trump by these Marxists like Schumer.

Bush 43 separated children at the border,

(could find no images)

and so did Obama who housed children like this: 




But of course the leftists tried to lie and say these were pictures from 2018 under President Trump. 




It did not work, the lie was exposed. The Ugly Truth Project help to expose it. But there are still a ton of people out there who still believe this is true.

So why were there no cries of outrage for these two presidents actions which are identical to what our current president is doing?

Given what we now know about the law and based on the lefts past behavior I think it is safe for us to assume that this has nothing to do with protecting the children. If it was the voices would have been raised in outrage long before now when children were held like animals by Obama as we can see in the pictures of his detention centers above.

By the way, this is where President Trump holds the children.


That detention center sure looks like a far better place to be than where most of the 16 million American children who live in poverty get to live. They can not rely on 3 meals a day, free medical care, a warm home or even the basic need for safety.


Where are the voices raised in outrage for THEM? Where are the squads of bleeding hearts rushing to THEIR aid?

The most sickening aspect of this whole thing is that many of these AMERICAN children living in poverty have working parents who's TAXES are being used to provide a far better life for the children of illegal immigrants, than they themselves can ever hope to see for their own children. From that same government.

WTF is that all about?

These children are being PERMANANTLY separated from their families because they are dying of malnutrition or their parents or themselves being killed through a violent act of some kind. Primarily due to the unsafe environment in which they are forced to live.

Many of these children are simply abandoned and left to die by parents who cannot care for them.

How is that for a traumatizing experience for a child. 

As mentioned earlier the children being separated at the border is 100% preventable, just stop bringing them there. Then maybe the bleeding hearts could find a little time to care about the AMERICAN children who may never get to rejoin their parents because those parents are either dead or have abandoned them to die.

But that will never happen because this is not about immigration, it is not about protecting children, and it is not about what is just and fair.

Its about political power and the pathological hatred of President Donald Trump. These people are so blinded by it that rational thought is a distant memory for them. They would rather see this country be destroyed than work with the man to save it because they believe that they are on some sort of holy mission to rid this country of an evil man. 

They can not even accept the FACT that President Trump has done nothing but make this country far better than it was after 8 years of having a Marxist president in Obama.

That's called being delusional which is a major indication of psychosis

All of this immigration issue could be solved within a few days. There are two bills out there by republicans and conservatives that for the most part give the Marxists like Schumer and Pelosi most of what they want as far as DACA goes. But they still refuse to sit down at the table even though the president has expressed his willingness to consider the better of the two bills, the compromise bill by the republicans.

The democrats passed this law to begin with, and now, as usual, they are refusing to take responsibility for it and start working with the president to fix it. They would rather let these children continue to be traumatized than to give up a very hard political stick they can use to beat the American people with during the mid term elections.

The democrats do not care about these immigrant children any more than they care about the poverty stricken American children (across the racial spectrum) in our own country.

They only care about one thing and every person, every thing, is simply something to be used in order to gain or keep what means more to them than anything else.

It is so important to them that they are willing to sell this country and its citizens to the highest bidder just to keep it, along with the power and wealth it provides.


If we want truly comprehensive immigration reform, we need to seriously remove some lead lined obstructionist asses from these chairs in November. 

Remember, these ass holes work for us, not the other way around and its time we made that very clear to these people again. They seem to have forgotten that the chair they occupy belongs to the American people, not them, and we will take it away from them if they do not start doing their damn jobs again.

Written by C H Coutts

I seek the truth, no matter where it may lead me.

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