Lanterns: The Third Stage of the Implementation of the American Health Care Act is a Sham


The Third Stage of the Implementation of the American Health Care Act is a Sham

The supposed three-part plan to the American Health Care Act is nothing more than a clever smokescreen to kick the can down the line and avoid placing the core principles that Constitutional Conservatives consider essential to drive down the cost of premiums and help the middle class. The third phase is a sham because they will not be able to pass it with a simple 51% majority. Unlike the first step, in the third step, the Republicans will have to have a 60-vote majority to pass these provisions that allow purchasing insurance across State lines.

Barring direct divine intervention, we can be safely sure that no Democrat will ever vote for that.  It is all smoke and mirrors meant to confuse the public into thinking that this legislation will eventually lead to our ability to purchase insurance across State lines. Only the full unleashing of the free market principles will lead to the competition necessary between insurance carriers that will drive prices down. This provision must be included in the First step of the implementation of the AHCA, or it will not ever be included in this bill at all.

For this reason, the Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives must not vote for passing the AHCA bill until it contains these provisions that will truly allow the working man to afford insurance. In an interview with, Senator Ted Cruz spoke openly about this sham:

"Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Tuesday that the White House plan to pass additional healthcare reforms after lawmakers repeal and replace Obama-Care won't work in the Senate.

‘Anything placed in so-called bucket three will never pass,’ Cruz told reporters. ‘If we want to pass real reforms we have to do it now on budget reconciliation.’

The White House has outlined a three-part plan for repealing and replacing Obama-Care: Using a budget process called reconciliation to repeal and replace large chunks of the law; allowing Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price to issue regulations to bring down costs, and Congress passing a bill that would include additional reforms like selling insurance across state lines.

While Republicans are using reconciliation to gut core provisions of Obama-Care with a simple majority, they wouldn't be able to use that rule for any legislation that would fall under the so-called "third prong" of the White House plan...

But, there is yet hope that Trump will intercede and push the House establishment to include these key provisions for Constitutional Conservatives. It is crucial for the administration to have their first legislative agenda pass. However, if they do not concede these vital provisions that will help the workingman to lower the cost of insurance, this bill will not make it out of Congress for the President to sign.

"Cruz has said that he doesn't believe the current House bill can pass and told reporters on Tuesday that "negotiations are ongoing" with GOP lawmakers and the Trump administration.

"My central focus is trying to improve the House bill so that it drives down the cost of premiums," he said. "I'm working actively to improve that. I'm also concerned about the current terms of Medicaid expansion."

We cannot continue to borrow from the future with continued Medicaid expansion that will rob our children and bankrupt our economy. It is time that those who represent us take a stand and do what we elected them to do.

Written by Henry Patino

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