Lanterns: True Resistance


True Resistance

Since the defeat of the Progressive movement in the general elections of the U.S.A., we have seen a well coordinated and consistent attempt to derail President Trump’s conservative agenda by the left. The movement has been called “The Resistance.” Most of these individuals are young millennials who have been heavily indoctrinated in our public schools and universities by Progressive teachers who have gained complete control of our educational system.

The truth is that most of those who call themselves Progressives have absolutely no idea what they would be bringing upon their heads should they succeed. It would behoove them to watch this video regarding Venezuela and discover what the centralization of power in a collectivist government really means for We the People.

I will tell you. I lived it. I fled from it to find liberty. Your hard earned properties, such as your businesses, homes, and land will be confiscated by the State. Your personal liberties shall be sacrificed for the tyranny of the centralized government. The economy of the nation will collapse because, without the principles of the free market, no collectivist nation has ever prospered.

The intrinsic transcendental value of human life assured by the Judeo-Christian worldview that considers every human being to be created in the image of God will disappear in a puff of smoke. No atheistic worldview can create a platform where individual human rights are considered sacrosanct. Without God, all that exists is the survival of the fittest and the rationalization of the strong preying on the weak. Instead, you will become the property of the State, whose soul criteria is the pragmatic assasination or incarceration of any who resist the will of the State.

The leftist/progressivist/ socialist “Resistance” in America is an unconscionable bastardized counterfeit of the “True “Resistance” that you will witness in this short video. May God open your eyes to see past the lies and smokscreens created by the Progressivist agenda and allow you to see the incredible liberties this nation offers. I urge every single one of you, if you really want to be in a resitance movement, take a plane to Venezuela and see for yourselves what will become of this nation should the collectivist and Hegelian ideology succeed. I will contribute to the cost of your planefare.


Written by Henry Patino

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